Step 2: make the wing frame

Make one wing frame.

First I made the outer frame out of the thickest gauge wire. I then added a second frame on 2 of the three sides in sort of a wedge (see second photo) for some strength and then connected the two.

Then I added the center rib running down the length of wing and the ribs running up and down the wing. These will be useful to attach the "feathers".

Lastly I added the handle to the end.

I did this sort of by eye and then matched the second one to the first.
Ow, the cut-factor seems a little too much for me, though the idea is so awesome and the outcome is really flamboyant and eye catching. I wonder if you sealed the edges with metal bonding glue, you could keep it from dangerous?
 if you're worried about getting cut bend the sharp edges over with pliers. it might be too much work for the whole thing, but if you do just the edges of the wings it might help. pop-can tin is so great to work with for jewelry, too. 
Sooo... how many times did u get cut with that on. Or how many times did u cut others.
I cut myself a handful of times. Actually two handfuls. Yes, that was a pun...I'm so sorry. I managed to not cut others, though a friend borrowed it later and managed to cut a few people. Be careful!
Okee doke.

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