Coke Explostion!!!


Introduction: Coke Explostion!!!

This will Tell you how to make coke bottle squirt and leak when someone opens it!!!

Step 1: Time for Mentos!!

If you Have Not Herd of mentos then stop here thats what you need next!!

Step 2: Poking Holes!!!

Now poke two holes into the mento!!! thats it for this step!!

Step 3: The Fun Part!!!

Put the mento in a 2 liter bottle of and fizzy drink!!! Shake it up and put it in the refrigerator!!

Step 4:

When someone asks for a drink tell them to get that soda. they will opens it and splash the soda all over. its a riot to watch!!!



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    but before they open it it will already exploded

    And actually, the soda will star fizzing immediately making it extremely difficult to get a cap on in time. By the time you do (if you can) half or more of the soda would have expelled all over yourself and or your kitchen essentially pwning yourself before you can prank anyone.

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    What you're supposed to do is put a string in the mentos, put them in the bottle(without touching the soda) and screw the cap on over the strings. That way when it's opened the string is released and the mentos fall into the soda.

    It makes a huge difference. Also, I'd like to mention it doesn't work with the fruit flavors, only the mint. It only works with diet sodas too. Because of some weird chemical or something, they put in it. Plus, you don't have your own pictures...

    You sir are completely wrong I do this with fruit mentos I do this with regular soda it works BEST with diet because of the aspartame they use instead of sugar but the mentos also react with co2 if you don't believe me take the lid off a coke put a balloon over the opening in the bottle and shake the bottle a bit and wait for the balloon to inflate then squeeze the neck of the balloon so nothing can get out take it off and put in mentos you will get little if no reaction because you just removed the co2

    Ok? I've never done this, I just said what I was told. I've been told several times that the candy coating, kills the reaction. The aspartame is what I meant when I said 'weird chemical'. Also, I don't really care.. I wasn't completely wrong. I said it makes a huge difference without the string, because it makes it hard to get the cap on. The comments also a year and a half old, so... :P

    If you drop mentos in soda and close the lid, it explodes. If the mentos aren't touching the soda until it's opened, it doesn't explode.

    This could be dangerous. The person looking for something in the fridge might cause the coke bottle to move and wet the mentos and start the pressure to build up w the cap still on. a bottle cap on the eye is not funny. a plastic splinter flying off isn't too.

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    Coke bottles do not create shrapnel when they rupture they just split along their sides.

    You don't have much to worry about there. The cap is way stronger than the sides for that exact reason.

    I know that. I said I am worried about the whole cap FLYING OFF the bottle. not that the cap will splinter. most soda bottles even have a warning about caps might pop out during opening and it is wise to keep it directly away from your eyes.

    This would be more impressive with photos you had taken yourself, rather than pictures you have lifted off other sites (that last image is from Eepybird, the masters of this trick).

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    Not everyone has a digital camera you know....I respect you and all, but cut some slack. Not everyone has a disposable income, you could at least commend the effort.

    It is a basic requirement that an ible be illustrated with original images. They should be as good as possible, but do not require a major investment - a half-decent camera-phone or webcam ($5- $10, tops), used competently, could have provided respectable images for this project. They could even have made a video of it going off. As it stands, we have some minimal text, googled images and no evidence that the author has ever performed this trick.

    no way, it work with coke, diet pepsi, pepsi, 7up, sprite, ...