Coke Fisheye Lens.





Introduction: Coke Fisheye Lens.

I was planning a trip to Paris so I HAD to have a wide angle lens for the awesome buildings over there. It needed to look cool as well (you know, Paris...). This Instructable will show you how to do both. Be sure to check out some pictures at the end of this slideshow.

Much of the credits of this I'ble goes to Patholio. I have just made a different lens support (closer to the body of the camera) and added a personal touch.

The front assembly of an ordinary 50 mm lens is used to hold the "fisheye" element of a 28-80 mm lens. Further, a piece of PVC rain gutter was cut and shaped to support the lens and to connect it to the body of the camera.
Finally, cosmetics came with a can of Coke (however Red Bull, Smirnoff and many other brands provide cool and colorful lens covers to customize your camera).



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    Great! I definitively have to do this. How can I be sure that the lens I buy will fit into a coke can though? Also, you said you live in a "metric country", so what size is the can? I know that European coke cans are smaller than the ones in the US.

    You will never know in advance since the element you will be using varies from type to type. The element in a 35-70 mm lens differs from 28-80.
    I have used a Coke can that had a diameter of approx. 5 cm.

    Okay, thanks. I purchased an old lens from eBay, so I guess I can only hope that this works.

    really amazing ;)
    but what screw did you use??to attach the adapter with the lens?

    It's a standard 1/4 inch screw. If you live in a "metric" country like me, they can be hard to get...

    I have sent this to 4 people.......this is so getting used. Merci homme!

    Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions, because looking at it now, I realise that it's a fairly short slideshow (nothing there about cutting the Coke can). BTW, there are lots of other cool cans out there to match your mood or camera: red bull, bacardi, pepsi, smirnoff just to nam a few. The cans have all the same sizes. Encourage your friends to post pictures, slideshows or Instructables when they're done.

    It may not be the way we are "told to do it" BUT its straight forward, great photos, and if your even going to try this........ I bet you can cut a can! You get a thumbs up from me, Thanks again.

    Brilliant! You have got to be kidding me! I'm like the biggest Coke Addict on the Planet! Coke as in Coca Cola anyways......That didn't sound right?

    I have a Rebel xti I wish I could do this but my lenses are to big. :(
    If you ever need any Cans I drink about a case a day....And a Kidney stone about twice a year....."Have A Coke and a Smile.....When the Morphine kicks in at the Emergency Room"