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Okay so I am new and I decided to put something up that I built on my own time when I thought it looked cool. the hole point of this was to keep it from ending up in a land fill and the rest of the cans I drink I just put in the recycle bin.

Step 1: What You Need.

What you need.

- Coke cans - or any soda Can that is 12 FL OZ (355mL)
- Duck tape
- A Wall or a desk wall to!!
- Time and about 2 weeks worth of drinking - Or if you recycle then take them out of the recycle bin and was them and save more time !!!!

Step 2: Step #1

First you want to Drink the soda okay then you want to get the lid opener part of the can off..

Step 3: Step #2

Second You must now cut a 3 inch long peace of duck tape and roll it up like a soft shell taco. then place the tape on top of the Nutrition Facts.

Step 4: Last Step

Last Press it firmly agents the wall.
And there you go!!!


beehard44 made it! (author)2010-03-11

Typos typos typos.... They're everywhere, but this 'ible was funny:
step 3: ....long peace of duck tape....
step 4:...firmly agents the wall.....

PyroTeen213 made it! (author)PyroTeen2132010-07-17

I know this post was really old but duck tape is right and so is duct tape. In WW2 they needed a water proof tape, so we made duck tape. It got its name because water would run straight down it like on a duck's back. It later became known as duct tape because it worked to seal up ducts.

bobbyk881 made it! (author)2009-02-28

put foam in it an make it have insolation.

Mattrox made it! (author)Mattrox2009-08-02

Incoming solar radition???? Do you mean insulation.

beehard44 made it! (author)beehard442010-03-11


Mattrox made it! (author)Mattrox2010-03-14


Mattrox made it! (author)Mattrox2010-03-13


sharlston made it! (author)2009-08-22

at my dads work theres loads of empty cans about 6 meter high and some stupid person decided jum into the crate and ya can see his body in the cans he works in the rexam factory making cans

donaoh made it! (author)2009-08-20

I covered the walls in my room this way before. To stop the cans falling down, i put a length of sellotape over the top, then ran the remainder sellotape onto the wall above where the can was to be placed. I collected cans from all over the world so i had cans other than cans made by the coca cola company and club orange company. I kept the bottom layer removable so i could put in full cans so i would not need to go to the kitchen. I left gaps inbetween the cans and put my collection of beanie toys, they blended in well, in a pop art kinda way. Will try and dig out a picture to show you what i mean.

ac1D made it! (author)2009-02-27

Nice idea, but what happen if something hit them? need to start over lol.

BrettMan22 made it! (author)BrettMan222009-02-27

No lol I saw this question coming If you do it right and stack them on top of each other and the duck tape should hold it.

ac1D made it! (author)ac1D2009-02-28

but but, if they get crushed!

Tommyhzy made it! (author)Tommyhzy2009-08-08

I was thinking about that too, what if you trip and ... Crush! "Nooooo!!! My wall! I crushed my wall!" And you have to replace the cans. Yay I replied to a comment written 5-1/2 months ago! How's it going? (I mean, how WAS it going?) :)

ac1D made it! (author)ac1D2009-08-09

Atough I sold it with the time, I have made this project. I filled all the can with sand so they don't get crushed ;) It worked!

BrettMan22 made it! (author)2009-02-28

Ya the hole point was to make my little office space look nice if u want to see it go to my page i am taking a pix of it now

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