Picture of Coke bottle container
A cute container made from either a .5 mL or 1mL plastic Coke bottle. As a bonus, it makes a very satisfying snap when opened and closed.
I cannot remember who was teaching this at the Origami USA convention a few years back (2006? 2007?), but I seem to recall it was brought to New York by the Brazilian group. It was a huge hit because it holds models so nicely for gift giving.
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Step 1: Assemble parts

To start you will need:
1. Coke bottle of correct size (see Step 2 for selection process).
2. Sharp pair of scissors.
3. Rubber band (optional if you feel confident in your cutting precision).
4. Marker (also optional)
5. Fabulous gift to put in the container once it's complete.

Step 2: Obtain the correct type of Coke bottle

Picture of Obtain the correct type of Coke bottle
It must be either .5mL or 1mL size with the "old school" style ridges up the sides (not the new design with the swirls and bumps). You might also be able to find green Sprite bottles in this shape and size.
Sadly, the tiny size bottles (I'm not sure of the volume, but they look like a squat version of the medium and large sizes) don't work. If you discover a way to make the tiny ones work, PLEASE let me know!

Step 3: Cut the top off

Picture of Cut the top off
Using sharp, pointy scissors, cut along the bottom of the label. If your bottle has no label, cut along the slight indentation that runs perpendicular to the ridges.

Step 4: Place the rubber band

Picture of Place the rubber band
The band needs to sit at the narrowest part of the bottle. If you want to check that it's in the correct spot, it is about 2 inches from the base, or 1 inch above the horizontal seam (see second pic).

Step 5: Mark where to cut (or not)

Picture of Mark where to cut (or not)
There are 10 vertical ridges. You are going to make 5 cuts, 1 on every other ridge. If you want to make sure you're making the correct cuts, mark every other ridge with a Sharpie. Only mark to the band.
foobear1 year ago
love it
zieak2 years ago
A friend that works in Zimbabwe showed me this. She decoupaged the outside. These are great - thank you!
rimar20002 years ago
You should add this to this other instructable:
sherms6674 years ago
I love this! I'm going to give my Mom her Christmas present in this type of container. (Really) Bravo!
Mella20135 years ago
I really like this. Seems like it would be hard to find the right type of bottle though.
rimar20005 years ago
Nice, good idea.
loximuthal5 years ago
Homemade candies would be great in this!
qwerty295 years ago
sick squid :)