Introduction: Coke Moneybank - Olympic Edition

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Today i made a very simple, yet pretty cool moneybank from a special olympic edition aluminium coke bottle. Wanted to share the idea. Really quick 5 minute project, i'd imagine you could also use any other forms of aluminium drinks bottle or the like.

I used:-

-olympic coke bottle
-bit of paper to stop vice from scratching bottle top
-a coin of your choice to check the thickness of the neck

Step 1: Shaping the Neck

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I'd imagine that there are many ways to do this, however - the vice i used was perfect for the job and i would totally recommend this to anyone.

With my piece of paper between both sides of the neck and the vice, i gradually adjusted the vice until i could feel the bottle neck forming into shape - checking every so often with a pound coin in the neck until i was comfortable with the shape. 

Step 2: Finished

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Now hopefully you have shaped the neck to standard you are comfortable with.

I made mines to hold all types of british coin except for the £2 and £1 coins - be creative and have fun!!


tianapotter (author)2013-04-14

That is a really clever idea with a great design

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