Cola Pen Construction From Arizona Wood And SF Cans at Techshop

Picture of Cola Pen Construction From Arizona Wood And SF Cans at Techshop
This instructables shows the steps to create a cola pen with 

1) a pre-sanded wooden handle (see instructable on material selection for cola pens for more info)
2) cola can nib
3) electrical tape to join the nib and the handle

The word NIB is used in this instructable to mean the writing tip of the cola pen (ie NIB = writing tip)

These cola pens are made with cans that are very sharp.  Be careful. not for <18
I made it at Techshop and Submitted by SFlettering for the Instructables Sponsorship Program

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Step 1: Sanded Wood From Dead Or Down Arizona Juniper

Picture of Sanded Wood From Dead Or Down Arizona Juniper
Here are the handles that were pre-sanded earlier.
There are 2 main ways to make a cola pen when joining the nib to the handle

1) use electrical tape and fold the cola can nib "around" the wooden handle (method selected)
2) make a slit in the top of the wood with an axe or knife  and slide the cola can into the slit 

TIP: when choosing the nib width and style consider matching the relative size of the writing tip (the NIB) to the handle selected for use. 

Step 2: Cottonwood Sanded From Arizona

Picture of Cottonwood Sanded From Arizona
Rather than splitting Juniper with an ax or hatchet you can also use dead and down cottonwood. The wood you see in this image was collected from a cottonwood tree and has a distinct look from the juniper wood. 

Note: notice the 2 colors of the heart wood and edge wood in the juniper shown in the image below
TIP: consider using multiple types of wood to learn how to get the best hold on your cola pen.

Step 3: Cutting The Cans In SF

Picture of Cutting The Cans In SF
When cutting the cans you can choose 3 types of cans

1) arizona ice tea cans (tall and skinny)
2) regular coca cola cans
3) hard side rigid cans (coconut beverage)

I regularly use a mix of cans for the cola can pen to practice getting the best quality calligraphy from the handmade cola pen. 

TIP: when selecting a can for use be very careful when cutting the can. I use a hacksaw and a vice when cutting the harder (coconut beverage) cans.