Step 3: Filtering

So now the coffee is ready, but it is stuck in the coffee can.

Luckily, the coffee filter covers the top of the can enough to be a good filter.
*Don't use paper towels, no matter what the commercials say, they are NOT strong enough*

Take the plastic lid and cut a whole in it. A good size, I'd say 50% of the top, but not to the edge.

Put the filter over the top of the can, this will take a little practice and bending. Just be sure not to rip the filter anywhere.

Use the lid so secure the filter between the lid and the can.
You should be able to see at least a little bit of the filter hanging over the edge.
Or at least know that the filter is in between the can in lid all the way around.

Then the trickiest part.
Take a deep breath, grab the can and be sure to hold the lid.

Now flip the whole can over and place on top of the pitcher.
You should now see delicious cold brew coffee draining into the pitcher.
nick2225 months ago

The comment on the paper towels made me laugh, sounds like you found that out the hard way..