Cold Smoker from Cocktail Shaker

If you're like me, you are tall, dark and handsome, and have a thirst for bacon!   Here is a quick, easy and cheap way to generate cold smoke for makin' bacon, smoked cheese, eggs, or for smoking your own malt for brewing beer.

We like to eat good, local meat, fruit and vegetables, and we enjoy making food from "scratch," or as close to it as possible.  I've wanted to cure and smoke our own bacon for awhile, so I read a bunch of good articles on the Interweb.

I made this in about 2 hours, including photography, for about $25 total, including the pump.   If you use simpler materials (coffee can/bean can, etc), it should cost a lot less and take you less time.

The idea came from, after viewing MissBetsy's excellent Instructable on a cold smoke generator:

This is a great explanation of the venturi principle and how venturi smokers work ,and their last diagram explains why I installed the smoking-blowing pipe at the top of the smoke generator, and why it is attached to the bottom of my smoke chamber (where the bacon and cheese live).

This type of smoker is known as a venturi-type smoker, and relies on the venturi principle.

The main focus is to generate cold smoke, you don't want to cook the food, just flavor and further preserve it.  That means we want a slow burn, not a hot smoke.  Hot smoking is a different process.

Issues with Safety:  wear goggles when drilling, grinding, scraping, wiping, mincing onions, swimming, etc.  Remember: sharp things are sharp, burny things burn and cutty things will hurt you.  Be prepared, be safe, do it right, save $$$ on Emergency Room costs.

Careful with that open flame!

Do not leave the smoker unattended.  Have a fire extinguisher handy.  Only use this outside; dangers include fire risk and carbon monoxide (CO) inhalation, which leads to CO poisoning.  That is a Bad ThingTM

Wear gloves, as stainless steel edges are sharp.
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Ganhaar made it!3 days ago

Thanks for the ideas. I used a recycled s/s water bottle for the flask and an old tap spindle to attach the venturi at the top. The thread on the tap spindle matched the thread on the water bottle and drilled the spindle housing out to fit the copper pipe.


Cold Smoke Generator.jpg
MSawyer21 days ago

Besides chips and chunks, will it generate smoke fron stems and twigs ?

R.I.P. Jesse Winchester

Fitchett1 month ago

I've been able to fix the issue with it not burning long enough. Now I can get all the smoke I want for as long as I next concern is how to achieve thin blue smoke. All I can get out of this is thick white smoke

Fitchett1 month ago

I am having an issue keeping either wod chunks or pellets lit for more than 20 mins unless I feed air into it. Can you tell me how powerful your pump is?

Errol19514 months ago


I made one similar but the small pipe that you have used for the air pipe I put a smaller pipe inside so that it goes past the tee piece to create a draft like a venturi and stop the air blowing down into the wood chips. I like the style of yours looks better than mine

RushFan9 months ago
​This is a work of art! I can't wait to make it!
jputnam21 year ago
This is awesome, I just need someone to build it for me since I'm not allowed to touch anything with fire coming out the end which means handling a torch is completely out of the question :-)
As a displaced Seattle native whose been around I'll take those cloud covered sunny days anytime. It's my most favorite place in the world, crazy as that may sound to some.
streetrod5 (author) 1 year ago
sunshiine, yes, the bluest skies are indeed over Seattle, you just have to get above the cloud cover to see them!
sunshiine1 year ago
Your last picture is so beautiful! Nice instructable thanks for sharing. The bluest skies are in Seatlle, right? Have a splendorous day!