Cold Weather Photography and Videography





Introduction: Cold Weather Photography and Videography

After a winter trip to Ontario's Haliburton Highlands, I learned a few new tips for cold weather photography and videography.

1) Wear gloves that you can manage your camera with under your mittens.

2) Keep hand warmers (hotshots) inside your mittens. You'll need these to warm up, when you decide to shoot too long.

3) If a dog licks your camera lens, melts the ice by placing a hotshot on the camera lens, and then wipe it with your lens cloth.

4) If no hotshots, melt the ice on the camera lens with your hot breath, and then wipe it with your lens cloth.

5) So that your smartphone does not shut down from the cold, place it in an inside pocket, near your body, with a hotshot.

Guessing that some tips for taking photos and video in extreme cold weather too. We'd love to hear them! Drop them in the comments below!

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    Great photography tips and welcome to the community!

    Thank you @tomatoskins! Still trying to figure out my way around, and how everything works.

    If you ever have any questions the community loves to help. The forums are a great place to find answers to all sorts of questions.