Coll Bookends the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy





Introduction: Coll Bookends the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

My name is Emerson Pedroso, I am creator of the YouTube channel DIY Workshop.


In DIY workshop today, we will make a port Books of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it is easy and is very beast the final result, want to learn how to do ??? grab your towel and hit the PLAY!

Enjoy and see the special we did the Towel Day:

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Step 1:

With printed patterns, transfer the drawing to the MDF with foil carbon cutting with tico tico saw, not have to be just right, just as close to the cutting line that already this good, why We will fix the sandpaper.

Step 2:

After all the cut pieces, pass the wooden sandpaper for all corners of wood to give the finish, pass the sandpaper over the MDF Also, for better after the primer set.

Step 3:

Now assemble the main base of support, paste adhesive glue the two straight piece of wood, leaving the free rounded corners for it becomes more polished, wood repair mass pass or even You can use plastic mass.

Step 4:

Paint all the pieces with spray primer, then paint the base ONLY Main black, the figures continue with the color of the primer, and will paint based upon gray.

Step 5:

Pass the design of the DO NOT PANIC figure with a carbon sheet for the mold already cut and painted primer and paint with blue acrylic paint and red with a fine brush.

Step 6:

Already part of MARVIN draw with permanent ballpoint pen Black details and green eye, no need to use carbon, drawing It is simple to copy the original, anything before in a train paper.

Step 7:

Now just glue the pieces with adhesive glue slightly ahead of the medium the base and is ready: D.

Step 8: Final Result

Enjoy this Instructable?

Soon we will post more projects in English to accompany you. Let us suggestions and comments for upcoming videos if they want the subtitled video, if you have enough requests I legendo :P Access our channel on youtube, besides workshops have a cooking table :D

Thank you for your personal attention and even more! \ o

Step 9:



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