Introduction: Cool Pop Up. Just Piece of Paper . Amazing Paper Card Flower .


mmblaj made it! (author)2014-03-06

Wonderfull and easy!

sillydaydreamer (author)2012-03-08

Terrific! Makes ordinary thank you cards or any cards exciting :D Just added some pen detail on the flower petals.

Yankees22 (author)2011-12-26

I can't see the video ):
Does anyone know how to fix it?

mk2001 (author)2011-09-04

not origami if you use glue or scissors

monicasaini58 (author)2011-05-22

Very GOOD . I got one more idea for a beautiful pop card. I'll Surely teach this to my students.

thefiftyfootwoman (author)2010-12-18

Still a beautiful option for a home-made card! It took me three tries, but I finally got it.

I made these for New Year's greetings.

jdfle (author)2010-12-20

So much fun! It's easy, too! I made 7 of them in less than 20 minutes for my teachers. I hope they'll enjoy them! (P.S. great Instructable!)

sapphire24 (author)2010-12-16


sunshiine (author)2010-03-07

Thanks for the Ible! Definitely will be making these!  I tried to find some inexpensive stationary and  had no such luck!  This will be better! 

Crafty Helen (author)2009-06-16

Just perfect! Gosh, when you opened the card it was like this fun Surprise! and made me Smile and say "Oh, Wow!" - This is definitely a keeper! I played your video over and over, backed up, forward, a zillion times so I could write down my own directions to go in my Keeper file. I like to make cards and this will be so good in a Cheer Up card, or Birthday, or Smile or anytime card. Thank You!

Flumpkins (author)2008-04-20

Your Metacafe account sure does have alot more projects. Anyway, I tried to make this thing like 321,001,627,462,764,261,672,456,672,446,267,657,645,765 times and it still won't work :'(. Any suggestions or tips? Please privite comment me or leave a "public" comment on my page. Thanks!

Capt. Kidd (author)Flumpkins2009-06-04

what part are u stuck on? i did it on my first try, and it's easy if u understand it.

Flumpkins (author)Capt. Kidd2009-06-04

LOL I don't remember. That was over a year ago.... a day after I joined

Capt. Kidd (author)Flumpkins2009-06-15

o i didnt look at the date

All4Shrimp (author)Flumpkins2008-07-14

Maybe you didn't put the glue in the right places. It is marked in the video with blue ink.

Flumpkins (author)All4Shrimp2008-07-14

It's while I was pputting the 2 strips together, golics squashes it, and I try doing that but it just gets messed up

Capt. Kidd (author)2009-06-04

hey instead of cutting that paper in the end in half, why not fold it in half, that way not wasting it, and fortifying the paper? just a suggestion, i did it, and it survived my backpack.

Oscelot (author)2008-06-06

very cool. I pretty much got it the first time, but a note to anyone trying.. tacky glue on printer paper = soggy, stuck paper.

oink_09 (author)Oscelot2009-05-26

i used double tape. It did great =)

Oscelot (author)oink_092009-05-26

Yeah, that's a good idea. I thought to use something like that, but the only things I had were tacky glue, scotch tape and Jewel It. ;)

Muffinmix1 (author)Oscelot2009-05-09

Yeah, I did that. Not a good idea.

Muffinmix1 (author)2009-05-09

Awesome! I put this on a Mother's Day card, it looked really good! Thanks!

eyeskater (author)2009-03-16

way cool.

pintados05 (author)2009-02-21

you are great

baba87 (author)2008-11-13

thats just too cool you didnt even use the whole paper

vianka99 (author)2008-10-31

finally I finished mine! in the start, i failed so I'm very sad because i think i will not do it. but the second time, YAY! finally finished.

m_yazhini (author)2008-09-16

wow!!!!!!!!!!! it is super

chunya (author)2008-08-20

Amazing! I'll try to do it P.S. Sorry for my English

winnbluez (author)2008-03-22

Thanks, i learnt how to make my first pop up card :P More!More! :D

golics (author)winnbluez2008-03-23

Look my channel for mo paper projects .

GorillazMiko (author)2008-03-03

Coll? I think you mean cool, right golics?

Nice job, you always amaze. ;-)

golics (author)GorillazMiko2008-03-03

Thank you.

inquisitive (author)2008-03-03

Beautiful as always!

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