Cool Pop Up. Just Piece of Paper . Amazing Paper Card Flower .




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Introduction: Cool Pop Up. Just Piece of Paper . Amazing Paper Card Flower .



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Terrific! Makes ordinary thank you cards or any cards exciting :D Just added some pen detail on the flower petals.

cool thank you card.JPG

I can't see the video ):
Does anyone know how to fix it?

not origami if you use glue or scissors

Very GOOD . I got one more idea for a beautiful pop card. I'll Surely teach this to my students.

Still a beautiful option for a home-made card! It took me three tries, but I finally got it.

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So much fun! It's easy, too! I made 7 of them in less than 20 minutes for my teachers. I hope they'll enjoy them! (P.S. great Instructable!)


Thanks for the Ible! Definitely will be making these!  I tried to find some inexpensive stationary and  had no such luck!  This will be better! 

Just perfect! Gosh, when you opened the card it was like this fun Surprise! and made me Smile and say "Oh, Wow!" - This is definitely a keeper! I played your video over and over, backed up, forward, a zillion times so I could write down my own directions to go in my Keeper file. I like to make cards and this will be so good in a Cheer Up card, or Birthday, or Smile or anytime card. Thank You!

Your Metacafe account sure does have alot more projects. Anyway, I tried to make this thing like 321,001,627,462,764,261,672,456,672,446,267,657,645,765 times and it still won't work :'(. Any suggestions or tips? Please privite comment me or leave a "public" comment on my page. Thanks!

Hilarious cat 1.jpgSimple Plan City.jpg
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what part are u stuck on? i did it on my first try, and it's easy if u understand it.

LOL I don't remember. That was over a year ago.... a day after I joined

o i didnt look at the date

Maybe you didn't put the glue in the right places. It is marked in the video with blue ink.

It's while I was pputting the 2 strips together, golics squashes it, and I try doing that but it just gets messed up

hey instead of cutting that paper in the end in half, why not fold it in half, that way not wasting it, and fortifying the paper? just a suggestion, i did it, and it survived my backpack.

very cool. I pretty much got it the first time, but a note to anyone trying.. tacky glue on printer paper = soggy, stuck paper.

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i used double tape. It did great =)

Yeah, that's a good idea. I thought to use something like that, but the only things I had were tacky glue, scotch tape and Jewel It. ;)