Step 7: Oxtail Stew Step 1: Cut Off the Fat.

1. Cut off the fat from the oxtails (if you go to a butcher shop, you can usually ask them to do this!)
- note: be careful!! Some of that white is TENDON and not fat! When cutting closer than an inch, I use a steak knife, i know to stop cutting when I hit the white stuff the knife can't saw through.)

Once again, apologies for the lousy picture... the tendons REALLY DO look different from fat in real life!!  ^_^''

Note: keep an eye on the tendon, since it's on medium heat, it needs the occasional stir.
This sounds so good! I have never seen beef tendon for sale anywhere, but I see oxtails now and then. I have some stew meat in the freezer, so I guess I will make it with that; the seasonings are too good to not try. Normally I brown it first but I should not do that, right? Thanks orelalaith!
I am so glad you liked it!<br>The flavor of this stew comes from being REALLY stupidly dense. Using stew meats should be fine for that. However, without the collagen from the oxtail (or beef tendon), the liquid would probably be a little on the thin side. I suggest that you use the standard potato so that there's some starch to thicken the stew instead of &quot;some random tuber&quot;. Be REALLY careful while stirring it with the potatoes though, I found that they tend to disintegrate when the stew is really thick and you stir too much. (You also wouldn't be able to rinse it out to remove the fats.)<br><br>I find that when you super-slow cook meats the final texture and flavor is about the same whether or not you brown them ahead of time, but it DOES tend to look a little nicer. I am very lazy, so I skipped that step. :)<br><br>Hmmm, do you have an actual butcher around where you are? They usually have it, but they don't put it in the front display (apparently, people buy it to make doggie treats). I've also seen both for sale at whole foods (well hidden, usually frozen and behind the stew bones). If you have a chinatown or some place where there plenty of thailand or malaysians, you should be able to find it in the grocer's too- oxtail broth is what gives pho and other noodle soups their texture.<br>

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