Collagen thickened oxtail stew (or how to wash your soup) and braised beef tendon


Step 7: Oxtail stew step 1: cut off the fat.

Picture of Oxtail stew step 1: cut off the fat.
1. Cut off the fat from the oxtails (if you go to a butcher shop, you can usually ask them to do this!)
- note: be careful!! Some of that white is TENDON and not fat! When cutting closer than an inch, I use a steak knife, i know to stop cutting when I hit the white stuff the knife can't saw through.)

Once again, apologies for the lousy picture... the tendons REALLY DO look different from fat in real life!!  ^_^''

Note: keep an eye on the tendon, since it's on medium heat, it needs the occasional stir.