Collapsable / folding media blast cabinet / enclosure

Picture of Collapsable / folding media blast cabinet / enclosure
Removing rust, paint, scale and corrosion can be a pain. An easy way is to use a media blast whether it be sand, glass or any of the numerous different medias all with different properties for removing what you want to clean in different degrees of aggression.  You can use a blast cleaner outside but it can be a lot of clearing up so if you can enclose it it makes for an easier job and better reuse of the media and be more cost effective.  In this instructable I will show you how I made a large folding enclosure for my blast cleaning gun.
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Step 1: Safety first

As with any project take the time to think about what you want to achive and how to do it with out putting yourself at risk it is your responsibility and no-one elses, I spent a long time planning inorder to build this project with the least amount stress.

Step 2: Parts list

Picture of Parts list
In this instructable I will give some sizes as depending on your requirements it is best you work them out to suit your needs.  For my enclosure I wanted a folding unit as I do not have have the space to store a solid built cabinet and I have access to a comercial dry and wet blast cabinet to base my design on, blast cleaning does not work very well if at all on soft/flexable materials so I chose a 1000kg builders bag commonly used to deliver sand and shingle etc. and the solid sections to be made from reclaimed wood my entire unit was made using free left over items the main structure was made from a pallet.

Step 3: The frame

Picture of The frame
I measured the opening of the builders bag and made a frame to fit loosely inside with thick uprights and thiner sections for the top and bottom.
scavanger1 year ago
I've been planning on a similiar project too. Nice job and thanks for the ideas.
rchanter (author)  scavanger1 year ago
Your welcome the only addition I am going to make to it is better catches to hold the front on the ones I used work but do come off if your a little rough when moving things around inside.