I wanted a racing cockpit but didn't have the space. I searched the internet and couldn't find any cheap collapsible gaming cockpits besides the wheelstand pro, so I decided to build my own.

This cockpit can be opened and closed within moments
Collapses to only 10cm high (easily fits under my bed or in a cupboard)
Very lightweight and very sturdy (pedals or wheels don't move a bit and there is no distortion to the frame during even the roughest race)

Have to detach wheel and pedals when storing the cockpit

I will gladly answer any questions and post an instructable if there are any requests.


here is mine. Still drawing the plans...


agüven2 years ago
I finally found what i am searching for. But i have g27 so I want a collapsible part for shifter and it should be lower than wheel for being more realistic. Can you give me an advice ??
zyh123982 years ago
meff10913 years ago
great, simply great!!!
blukkie3 years ago
Just made this yesterday in an hour or two and I love it!

Clean and simple design, stored under the couch it makes the misses happy ;)
eyefail (author)  blukkie3 years ago
Thanks mate, Glad you like it :)
marora24 years ago
it is great u r so intellegent
Nice cockpit! Ugly, simple to do, and simple to use, hehehehe. It does it´s function.
Would you please send the wood you used and the dimensions?
eyefail (author)  alexandrelandim4 years ago
Thanks mate,

The timber is just slats of pine (19mm X 42mm)
The main frame is 1200mm X 540mm but most of the measurements will need to changed to accomodate you.
If you click on the litte i on the second last and last images you can view the original image fileto see all the dimensions i've used.

Good luck building and feel free to ask anymore questions.
siafulinux4 years ago
eyefail (author)  siafulinux4 years ago
spire_mk4 years ago
Ok, this is awesome! I will definitely embark on making this over the next couple days. Looks fairly self-explanatory, however measurements would rule. Looks like a bunch of 1x2"s and 1x4" were used. However, width, wheel height, and additional foot pedal details would great.

Photos are fine, you can email me if you wish.

Thanks and nice work.
eyefail (author)  spire_mk4 years ago
Thanks you for the comment. I have added two pictures that explain most things. They may be a little hard to read so just click on the pics and click on the link underneath to view original size.
That's great. Thanks for the additional details.