Step 12: Better Lighting

The angle wasn't quite right when I clipped my lights to the sides of the box, but I didn't have any special light stands to fasten my lights to. To serve as stands, I tried clipping the lights to a couple bookends and it worked perfectly. They were easy to maneuver to get the lighting just right.
Surprisingly strong, my cat likes to sit on top and supervise photo shoots.
<p>HAHA! I love it!</p>
<p>HAHA! I love it!</p>
<p>This is exactly what I need. Not exactly what I need at this moment, and I almost passed over it in an effort to keep from getting side tracked, but glad I didn't. I have basically been doing my photos this way for awhile now, except I was just propping the foam core up on stuff to create a temporary backdrop, due to lack of space, and using the morning sun for light. This solves the space problem and will give me a much nicer looking background. It will also give me more lighting options, which is good because I am really not a morning person. </p>
<p>Great! Thanks for the comment. Glad to see it is helpful. :D</p>
Awesome idea on the dovetail technique. I'm gong to use that in my light box ... pics and info with changes to come. Again, out of everything, your dovetail idea tops them.
<p>Thanks! Would love to see the pics and enhancements! It could be really nice to cut a hole in the sides and put a translucent material for the light to pass through as some others have suggested. Would love to see that update. :)</p>
I built this! Very easy to make. I also made a shorter box and cuti square hole in the top to set my iPhone onto for productphotography
<p>Nice! I'd love to see some of your product photography! Thanks for the comment. :)</p>
<p>Great project!! Thanks!!!!!</p>
I love how u said attempts :P and yeh i will definetly try this at soe point
&nbsp;Building one of these today to help with my #project365. I will let you all know how it turns out. Thanks for the cool idea.
Nice job there! I hope to build something similar, but I'm not sure about the availability of "foam core" in Aus... not really sure what it is actually. :-/ Very thin polystyrene sheets? Hoping to try it using the stuff they make real estate signs out of; a sort of plasticy corrugated cardboard. Thanks for sharing, you've inspired me :-)
ah, i was just about to buy one of these! great idea! thanks! :).
Gotta like those tabbed joints...
Me and my brother got my dad these professional lights for his camera, they aren't cheap. Pretty good deal though.
Really cool I'll try to make one from some sort of reflective (white) and translucent material so that way I can use reflected lighting (as you did) and difuse lighting allowing a high intensity light to pass through the walls and then reflected and bounced on the inside.
Double the fun! Link back so we can see how it turns out! :)
Thanks everyone! I'd love to see your light boxes, definitely share if you end up making one. :)
Whre can one get foam core for $4?
I got the foam core used in this project at the dollar store. The paper on the outside of the foam core isn't as much like card stock as what you might get from a craft store, but it works just fine for our purposes
Art and Craft-stores?
wow, i need to make one of those.
I have a collapsable softbox that I paid quite a bit for, this looks to be almost as usable and only cost a couple of sheets of foamcore. Very nice.
This is amazing! Thank you so much. I think I'll probably be building one of these soon. :D
this is great! 5 stars & faved
Great job! I might finally get around to building one
Wow. I never thought of that. Nice job!

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