I got bored one day in school so I took out some pens, scissors, and duct tape and did this in about an hour. This is the first crossbow I've seen that's collapsible.

Step 1: Materials

To build the crossbow, you need- Supplies- •3 Normal Disposable Pens with tubes •1 or more Pilot G2 ink cartridges (at least one empty) 1 is fine, the others are for ammo. •a couple of rubber bands- you only need one, but you need to see which one fits best. Tools- •Good Scissors (for cutting pen in half) •Hot Glue Gun (recommended)/Super Glue/Duct Tape •Small Scissors/Screwdriver/Drill (something to drill holes in the pen tube with)
here's mine with a couple mods, got a ton of targets...I mean neices and nefews
<p>nice very nice</p>
Looks really cool
how do you shoot it?
What leatherman do u have I wanna get the new wave do u think its a good idea?
Can you make a video?
i got the same leatherman
No I built this one at home the one I built at school I had to use only those folding scissors.
Wow your school lets you bring multi tools to school! I want to go there! <br>
I love it awesome
I just entered crossbow in Epilog Laser and I doubt I'm gonna win but I'd be freakin excited if I won runner-up.
Dan seriously stop spamming comments.
sorry for spamming and being a Dan but top contest?
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Ross wanna do try to win a contest tell me which one u want to do tomorrow
and u showed it to me so I should know
good job
hi Ross its me Ryan I MEAN DAN!
I'm going to try that! <br>
If i didnt want it collapsible could i not use a g2 pen :P
Great job! Really clean and professional! Perfect for Nerf! <br> <br>-Nerfrock
dunnos- you have an amazing profile pic. C&H FTW!
I don't know how to upload videos. Instructable, anyone?
You can upload it to youtube and use the link to embed it in your instructable. <br> <br>Nice pen!
crossbow* of course... heheh
how far does it shoot? You should upload a video.
Also- StoryAddict- I'm gonna look at that double-crossbow...
Depends on the rubber band. I got around fifteen feet at an angle with a pretty weak one.
i used to make this kind of thing once(i built a self-reloading crossbow based on a museum exhibit i saw(pitt rivers oxford/ipswich natural history)) that is quite a neat design, compact and elegant.but what about power and range?
Recently used on my girlfriend sitting on the first bench in my math class
Recently used on my girlfriend sitting on the first bench in my math class
Would you believe me if I told you this was my first instructable?
Great job!
Great! This looks awesome, cant wait to try it!
Great job! Can't wait to build my own. Now if only I could figure out how to build the double-crossbow Gretel wields in &quot;Witch Hunters.&quot;
Your glasses case is cooler than mine D:
Thanks. This is what happens when I get bored after tests.
Comments and reviews welcome!
This is one of the cleaner pen shooter builds on the site. Well presented, good directions and pictures, and the final product looks good, as opposed to most of the terrible ones I've seen. <br> <br>Well done.

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