I'm an element collector, and I wanted a sample of iron. Turns out that iron powder is a critical ingredient in some chemical hand warmers, and I had one left over from a recent road trip. So whether you're trying to collect a sample of iron for a collection or just want some fairly pure iron powder to play with (careful there, I think it's harmful to breath), this tutorial is for you. So let's get started.

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if this happens to be dangerous or you get hurt. I did it at my own risk, and so will you.

Step 1: What You Will Need

This process is pretty simple, so you'll only need a few supplies:

1. Two sheets of paper
2. A hand warmer that contains iron powder (I used HotHandsĀ® hand warmers)
3. A container to hold the powder in once you're done (I used a small glass vial)
4. Scissors
5. A small magnet
6. A small square of plastic wrap
That's crazy! I never knew what was in those things.
Not all hand warmers contain iron powder, but the ones I had did. You gotta check the ingredient list- there's quite a few methods used to heat a hand warmer.
Cool! Didn't know that either :)

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