Step 9: After Thoughts

Picture of After Thoughts
We're all moved in but ran into some snags along the way; the main one being that the matteresses are much smaller than expected. For the dorm mattress i was provided, the loft is 8 inches too long and about 6 inches too wide. Luckily, we brought a hand saw because we had to cut 8" off to fit one on the wall with the door.

These lofts were very stable on their own, but we brought these braces anyway, so i put them to use

Another thing we did is get automotive cup holders from walmort, and they fit perfect; great for holding beverage, or put an empty cup in it and hold your cell phone, ipod, or keys.
majsupo6 years ago
Great update and great ideas. I was researching the sizes for twin mattresses and they are 39 x 75 inches. With that said, i'm planning on modifying your dimensions to 81 for the main horizontal support and back bottom braces and 42 for the slats and ladder. Should i add additional slats if i go with the 2 x 4 from 6 to 8 or stick with 6? what was the size of the guard rail, is that a 2 x4 or 1x 4 rail? looks great overall.
ajmontag (author)  majsupo6 years ago
im sleeping on 6 2x4 slats, and its great. the 1x4 is just the distance from end to end of the corner peices