While I do love to have quality items made by businesses, some are too expensive or too flimsy for me to afford or waste my time buying. That's why I decided to try and make my own small, but practical, stand. The cost? A measly 2 bucks! All you need are:
* About an hour and a half to three hours (depending on the amount of features or how fast you build)

* A  3/4" x 12" x 48" laminated shelf (I found one for $1.99, and it came double sided in a granite finish)
* A hand saw (preferably a table saw to make it go quicker)
* A tape measure
* (optional) A mallet
No other hardware necessary!

It's not the prettiest, strongest, or neatest shelf  ever, but for $2 you can set a pretty good load on top (easily holds 15 lbs. without bowing), collapsible, and can be built with many shelves and lengths. A good deal in my book.
(Note: The photo was not assembled incorrectly (*cough, cough*). It was built to show off the two colored finish, and since the model was built symmetrically I can flip it over so a brown or a black table top shows.
(creates a  [H x W x D] 20" x 14" x 12" table/stand)

Step 1: Cutting the Table Top and Leg Sections

Start off the project by plotting out three sections: 2x 14" sections, and a 20" section for the legs (see below illustration)
After cutting out the leg section measure out roughly 2 3/4"  (it's exactly 2 13/16", the plank was only 11 1/4") then cut the four legs out
Remembers me of the plywood projects from old Popular mechanic magazine. Looks beautiful.

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