Step 5: Assembly

Grab your pre-made crust and start scooping in your filling - be sure to pack it in well.

It turns out that Jessy is a master measuring eyeballer and chopped just enough apples for our cause.

Top with the crushed graham cracker (or other cookie) and gently tap with the bottom end of a spoon.
-looks over at dozen apples in dining room- <br><br>I'm making this NOW! :D <br><br><br>Wonderful instructable. :) <br>I could most likely use it when I go off to college too this fall.
This pie can be made on the road and when camping i made something like it long time ago when i was in the shelter we loved it
Where do you get a premade no-bake pie crust? I've never heard of this kind of crust.
Corner Grocery Store... But I've gotten them in supermarkets too...
I live in a small town in Ontario Canada. I guess we're not cosmopolitan enough to get it here :0(
you can make by crushing graham crackers and adding sugar and melted butter.&nbsp; mix completely at pat down on your preferred container!&nbsp;&nbsp; hope this helps! ~Kristine Wolf<br />
I have used a plain tortilla for the crust and it works great!! if you do not mind the extra fat calories, brush the tortilla on both sides with some melted butter, or just use a knife and butter it all over, then into a baking dish smaller than the tortilla (so that it makes sides to hold the filling). I have had severe sceptics about the tortilla try it and be amazed.
i just want to say that this is one of the best recipes ive found on this site to date. i usually dont comment much, but i love this recipe. so simple, yet so delicious. you can impress practically anyone with this recipe, its genius! i will use this recipe forever! you rule!!
This recipe looks awesome! My apartment doesn't have an oven, and I LOVE baking. I'm definitely trying this recipe!
Mmm, that looks good, I am going to try make that!
Another thing you could use to top the pie with is a crumb toping, like a struessel. Use butter, plain quick cook oats, and brown sugar. Melt the butter and add the sugar and quick oats cook to soften the oats and firm up the mixture - you may have to play with this to get it just right. Enjoy
I love reading all your collegiate meals Instructables! They are always so creative. I love hearing great problem solving which embrace working around restrictions. Thanks!
nice the best part is that none of the ingredients need to be refrigerated so i can make this when i go camping
Great idea... I liked the recipe before, but now that I read that comment I'll have to pass it on to some friends!
That really looks great!
Mm, looks like Bananas Foster but with apples.
Yay! I'm happy to see this up!<br/><br/>By the way, my friend George has a nice name for this, because she made something similar - <strong>Apple Crap</strong>. I think I'll be calling it that from now on. :D<br/>
In a similar vein, there's a cake recipe called &quot;Dump Cake&quot; because it involves dumping a can of pre-made fruit filling into a pan, and then dumping made-from-mix cake batter on top of that =)<br/>
Haha, your homemade ice cream looks like dry ice pellets. I made rum and raisin ice cream once in college. It was a bit grainy but tasted good, but I wasn't prepared for how strong half a cup of rum in a gallon of dairy products tasted. College being what it is, someone found it in the shared dorm freezer and ate the rest.
that looks very good, but I think that is closer to a cobbler+bottom crust than a pie, maybe(if I'm wrong,feel free to correct me)
For filling, what i like to do is get a bunch of apples and finely chop em up. i put them in a bag and add a bunch of brown sugar and cinnamon and just shake it up and let it sit for a few mins till its all juicy. <br/><br/>a couple of my friends and i went to a local conservation area and made hobo pot pie over a fire using oil pie crust that i made and the filling that i made. it fed five of us... 4 thirteen year olds and a fifteen year old =P<br/>
Saw this last night, and now after seeing it a second time I have to try it. Thanks looks good. 5/5
5 stars. Looks good.
nice! another collegiate meal by you :D

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