Color Blocked Sewing: Upcycled Kids Shirt




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Introduction: Color Blocked Sewing: Upcycled Kids Shirt

About: Army Vet. I love learning & being creative.

Color blocked clothing is in style now! I decided to take my son's boring polo shirt (which he never wore), and a plain white T-shirt - to create a color blocked and sewn upcycled kids shirt. The photos should give you a good idea of how I created it. If you have any questions or comments, let me know! The one tip I would like to share is that using the ribbed neck from the white T-shirt, and sewing it onto the color blocked shirt I was creating, saved me some time and sped up the sewing process. The yellow you see on the sleeves was the only non-upcycled material - it was some ribbed material I purchased a while back. *This project could be completed within an hour or  two.



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    Love it. The colors are wonderful!

    Looks Kool. The yellow makes it stand out more. Good thinking! Your son looks happy wearing it!