Color Card Change - Aka - the CCC





Introduction: Color Card Change - Aka - the CCC

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A quick but powerful effect that shows a card impossibly change right before your spectators eyes! Apperently, it's actually called the Erdnase Color Change, sometimes called the Houdini Color Change. Credit goes to Houdini himself for creating this trick.



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    Why is it private?

    Because luke674's video is set to private and only he can view. He has to unselect the private mode at his youtube channel page.

    If you can't make a vid that works, can you actually make instruction on how to do it which is the whole purpose of the website?

    why os a private Video? can you explain to us the method here?

    I can't watch it. says private video.

    bluuuhh.. My hands are too small -,-

    Try "bridge sized" cards. They are what I do most of my magic with. They are great for beginners. They are just as long as standard "poker sized" cards but they are a little narrower. They are made for old ladies playing bridge with small hands - holding 13 cards at a time was tough.