video Color Card Change - aka - The CCC
A quick but powerful effect that shows a card impossibly change right before your spectators eyes! Apperently, it's actually called the Erdnase Color Change, sometimes called the Houdini Color Change. Credit goes to Houdini himself for creating this trick.
nmrobotics9 days ago
If you can't make a vid that works, can you actually make instruction on how to do it which is the whole purpose of the website?
RohanB23 months ago

Why is it private?

I can't watch it. SAYS video is private.

Regiux 1 year ago
why os a private Video? can you explain to us the method here?
msaxena1 year ago
I can't watch it. says private video.
It says the video is private :(
333333333332 years ago
y cant i watch it
melli19925 years ago
bluuuhh.. My hands are too small -,-
Try "bridge sized" cards. They are what I do most of my magic with. They are great for beginners. They are just as long as standard "poker sized" cards but they are a little narrower. They are made for old ladies playing bridge with small hands - holding 13 cards at a time was tough.
Nicely Done! With practice you can extend this move slightly as Juicyjay already commented. I'd just like to add that doing it that way is the opening into doing it with the deck held sideways to the floor rather than backways and can become n effect that you can do really slowly and gracefully. The fact that you do it slowly makes the effect even more visual because people think that 'trick moves' happen fast so that you don't see them (long live the public misconception that the hand moves quicker than the eye! )
kashus(VN)4 years ago
toan la english, cha hieu 1 chu~ j he^t' hix hix....(T~T)
Howdy, I VN too. It is so easy to read
tinker_lady5 years ago
Nice trick ... =D =D
grooooovy5 years ago
If you want more card tricks, i have quite a few.
Mudbud5 years ago
this is cool :D but takes lots of practice XD
juicyjay6 years ago
Come on man, give credit where it's due. This is the Erdnase Color Change, sometimes called the Houdini Color Change, as it is in fact, created way back by Houdini himself. 6/10 for performance. Try this: After you bring the 2nd card to the top and is hiding it in your palm, show the top card again by sliding your hidden card to the right. You should stick your deck hand's pinky out so you can rest the hidden card on it. THEN slide the hidden card over the top card. This way its more convincing AND visual.
Source for the fact that Houdini invented it? As i know the Houdini change as a different change. As far as i have heard and read the original source for this change is in the legendary book Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase, called "transformation-first method" later given the popular name Erdnase Change or the classic color change.
I really like knowing the origin of an effect. Then I normally research that person and try to learn more about their style. Thanks for the update
luke674 (author)  juicyjay6 years ago
Hey man thanks for the tip...I didn't actually know the name or origin and I have no clue how to find it. But I'm not trying to take credit...It's just I don't have time to give credit...30 seconds is not a lot of time. But yea, I'll edit the description...Thanks for watching!!!
I as well would like the source for Houdini inventing it. As said before, the latest I can track it is in Erdnase. (best book in the world BTW)
neon0686 years ago
Great job! Love the video. Best one on the site! With a alittle practice, I can get all of the ladies with this one!
If thats your purpose in learning this trick try watching "scam school" at revision3.com never fails.
neon0685 years ago
I love this trick! This better be a winner!
I tottally agreeee
mee too
Templarix475 years ago
I just learned this from Theory11 10 minutes ago...
moratmarit6 years ago
Hmm..thanks for video.
morat marit
frikkie6 years ago
I like the part were you change the colour back.Nice trick
andrewjette6 years ago
hmm bracelets are a definite no no for this trick
PyroMonger6 years ago
I did it! but slopily....needs alot of practice to get right.
luke674 (author)  PyroMonger6 years ago
Yea it takes some practice...thanks for watching!!!
EXACTLY 30 seconds. Cool. Nice trick, definitely needs practice to perfect :D
helava6 years ago
Private video?