Picture of Color Changing Christmas Star
Ever wanted to make that normal, golden star at the top of your Christmas tree different?  How about color changing?  The new Color Changing Christmas Star does that all in one package.  The main components are 5 RGB LEDs, an Arduino UNO, and an Arduino Proto Shield.  They all fit together on a Dremeled piece of plastic, then connected to a wire hanger covered with vellum paper.  This makes a great new addition to every Christmas tree.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools
All of the parts you can get at SparkFun, with the exception of the Arduino Proto Shield.


Arduino UNO - R3 SMD SparkFun, $30 
Arduino Proto Shield Arduino Store, $18 or Radioshack Retail Store
RGB LEDs - Diffused Common Cathode (5) SparkFun, $2 each
330 Ohm Resistor - 1/6W (5) Sparkfun, $0.25 each
Waterproof LED Lighted Pushbutton Adafruit, $6
9V Battery SparkFun, $2
9V Battery Holder - Barrel Jack Connector SparkFun, $3

Other Parts:

Jumper Wires (4)
Wire - Solid Core (a ton of it!)
Wire Hanger
1/8" Rod of Balsa Wood
Vellum Paper
1/8" Thick Recycled Large Plastic Piece, able to cut with Dremel


USB A to B Cable for Arduino Programming SparkFun, $4
1/4" Drill Bit
Hot Glue Gun
Soldering Iron
Diagonal Cutters
FrenchFrog2 years ago
Super creative and, well, colorful! How did YOU get your star on your tree? Keep on buildin', Qtechknow!