Color Fade Chevron Pillow

Picture of Color Fade Chevron Pillow
Our office sofa was already bright red, but I figured it could use some more color on a new pillow. So with a little bit of work and some fabric paint, this chevron pillow was born. Add to that a color fade with 5 shades. Why not?
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Step 1: Start the pillow case

Picture of Start the pillow case
These pillows are made the same way as the Drop Cloth Pillows I also made. Start with a washed and ironed drop cloth and cut out a 19" x 37" rectangle. Be careful to make sure it's an even rectangle. I'm not super familiar with cutting fabric and this stuff just moves all over the place.

Step 2: Shelf Liner

Picture of Shelf Liner
Cut out and apply a large piece of shelf liner that can cover the fabric. Or at least most of it like here.

Step 3: Chevron Stencil

Picture of Chevron Stencil
I made a wide chevron pattern and printed it across two pieces of paper. I trimmed the joining edges and taped them together to get the full size.

After that I cut one negative of the stencil, making sure to save three legs on the bottom. These help with aligning all of the successive chevrons.

Step 4: Mark the lines

Picture of Mark the lines
Here you can see the stencil in action. I drew the outline of the stencil once, then moved it up so that the legs were on the previous lines. Mark, move, repeat.

Step 5: Paint!

Picture of Paint!
The darkest shade on the pillow is the regular burgundy fabric paint color. The other 4 colors were creating with different mixes of the burgundy along with white fabric paint.

Step 6: Sew it up

Picture of Sew it up
After letting the paint dry, fold the fabric in half with the paint on the inside and sew up the edges with a sewing machine. You can sew the open side from each edge a little bit as well.

With that done, flip it inside out and stuff the pillow insert inside it.

Step 7: Sewing, pt. 2

Picture of Sewing, pt. 2
I finished the pillow up with a simple whipstitch. Nothing fancy.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Toss the pillow on the couch. I find it's helpful to lean on it with a pencil and a pad of paper to start sketching out the next idea.
Cbear043 months ago

Awesome! It is perfect i love chevron so much.

kammplayer5 months ago
thx so much
Nice pillow. Pink is a very manly color.
fungus amungus (author)  supersoftdrink1 year ago
I'm comfortable with it. Well, really I was making it and just thought "hey! I'll go from burgundy to light burgundy!"

And didn't realize until later, like a fool, that light burgundy = pink. But it was fine and I stuck with it anyway instead of adding a bit more burgundy.
My son adores pink, too. :)
Lindie1 year ago
Looks nice!
fungus amungus (author)  Lindie1 year ago
sunshiine1 year ago
AWEsome! I will be coming back because I have been wanting to make something in the chevron design! Thanks for sharing! Sunshiine
fungus amungus (author)  sunshiine1 year ago
Thank you!

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