Introduction: Color Laces

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Cool colored laces. It only takes a few. TRY IT!!!!

Step 1: Need:

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U will need 2 different colored laces. Scrap paper. White shoe laces. And sink with water

Step 2: Coloring.

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Color 1 side a color (blue)

Step 3: Finished

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Flip over

Step 4: Coloring Purple

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Flip over and start to color purple.

Step 5: Finished

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Step 6: Getting Wet

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Roll up. And put in sink under water. It's sharpie so it won't all come off. The reason we get it wet is cuz it's like a sponge and when u touch it. It will get on your skin. So get it wet and ring it out.

Step 7: Drying

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Get a hanger and something to hang it on. Put a towel underneath and this will let it dry.

Step 8: FINISHED (all the Way This Time)

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Look up funky cool ways to lace your shoes. And watch the color craziness begin


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