This Instructable teaches how a basic embedded controller can be programmed to control LEDs (of the primary colors) such that Red, Green, and Blue light can be mixed to create a full spectrum of colors. Optical effects created due to pulsation patterns of light can be explored as well.

The Color Mixer uses a ‘Stamp’ Microcontroller Module from Parallax to control  4 bright LEDs.

The LEDs are Red, Blue, and Green and by controlling which LED is active at a given moment it possible to create a mix of colors from Red to Purple and even White. 

Interesting Pulsating and Strobe Effects can be created by selecting a given color and adjusting the pulse rate.

The Color Mixer Circuit can be used as described in these instructions or can be modified to be part your unique application. Code for the controller is included and can be modified to extend the visual effects possible.

The next step has a video of the color mixer is operation.

Step 1: Color Light Mixer Operation Video

Example of a "Blue" color being generated by the mixer: (ref static image)

Example Operation of the Color Mixer: (ref Video)
The Color Mixer can adjust colors from Deep Red to Bright Purple (and  near White) and the light can be made to pulse at varying rates.
Some pulse rates and color combinations create an optical illusion that look like the following: a laser,  a plasma stream, and a jet engine exhaust.

Where do you get the plastic tube for it?
I did something that looked pretty nice, but was very simple. I connected 4 slow flashing RGB LEDs together, and sat them under a frost globe for a ceiling light. The globe can be gotten in glass, or plastic, but I liked the glass better. Connect the LEDs to the resitors, and to your battery, and they start flashing a different rates, so the mix of color is random and changes slowly. Sometimes it's all one color, or even white, but it is all the other colors in between that contrast so well when the globe turns a rich red, or blue color.The globe sits on top of the LEDs, and battery, and you can't see either directly until the light goes out. I would say it is an interesting mood light, but your project looks like a fun thing to play with. Nice work. I love it.. <br>The output of those super flux LED's is awesome.
alzie! sorry.
alize +1 <br>take the next steps and have fun!! <br>keep on sharing your results and make something outstanding :) <br>regards from germany, j
You think youre having fun now? <br>I m sure that you are! <br>I went this route too. <br> <br>Next stop, you need to start playing with <br>the Seeed Studio Rainbow Cube and <br>the Rainbowduino board with which to drive it. <br>I m doing this now. <br>It is several orders of magnitude more mixing! <br>It will knock your socks off !!! <br> <br>Check it out: <br>http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/rainbow-cube-kit-rgb-4x4x4-rainbowduino-compatible-p-596.html?cPath=138
Wow! I love the prevention! The finished design looks very professional! Kudos!

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