Color Me a Rainbow Headphones





Introduction: Color Me a Rainbow Headphones

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Don't spend oodles of money on those boring headphones everyone else has. Stand out from the crowd with a quick and easy personalization of your music gear. 

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Supply List:

perler beads 
needle nose pliers

Step 2: Personalize

*Cut a slit in each bead
*Use the pliers to pry open the bead
*Place the headphone cord inside

Step 3: Show Off

Choose your colors wisely. You could do a random rainbow to match any outfit or a standard rainbow to show your support. You could add your team or school colors. You could even dig up your tried and true Harry Potter fandom and make some standard issue Hufflepuff headphones.



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No, they're very comfortable! You really can't even tell they've been cut after a few minutes. They go back to their shape well after being stretched open.

This is simply awesome. I do have a lot of perler beads I've been given and I don't use. This will give a super look to my earphones and protect the wire which is often made of poor quality materials.
Thanks a lot ! I'll post an image when I finish mine !

So simple and yet absolutely adorable! I can't wait to try this. My headphones will never get lost again! =)

Oh, and it's a great use for the colors I don't use that often. Excellent!!!
I'll pimp my earplugs, any ideas to seal them? Or they stay in place?

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They were almost impossible to get on without the pliers, so they should stay on with no problem.

AWESOME idea. I'll sure try when I have some free time. Maybe I'll do mine Slytherin themed (:

I'm a perler bead freak and this is a great hack!!

That's a really nice idea!

So fun! Reminds me of those jump ropes from gym class but with much better colors :)

Great job! This is super cute and fun!