Introduction: Color Pulsating Lamp Using Arduino Board

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Great nightlight.

Step 1: Gather Materials

The first thing is to gather materials. you will need-

10 jumper wires-

5 of them 5 in

4 of them 1 in

1 of them 2 in

3 220 resistors

3 10k resistors

RGB (Red Blue Green) lightArduino

Uno/Genuinosmall breadboard

3-D Modeling Program of your Choice

Access to a 3-D Printer

Step 2: Add First Wires

Picture of Add First Wires

Step 3: Add Resistors

Picture of Add Resistors

Step 4: More Wires and the RGB

Picture of More Wires and the RGB

Step 5: Add the Code

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The code for the arduino lamp is from this sight. This is the code we used, and it worked fine.

Step 6: Design Your Lampshade

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We used OnShape for this. Use this file to print your lamp shade.

Step 7: Design Your Lamp Stand

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We used OnShape for this. You can use any program you prefer. There are multiple parts due to restrictions with the size of our printer. Part 3 must be printed in three or four copies.

Use these files from onshore to print your lamp stand.

Step 8: Assemble Your Lamp

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Step 9: Thank You for Building!

At this point you should have a completed lamp. Congratulations! Thank you for using our Instructable! Have a nice day!


tomatoskins (author)2016-05-13

Very nice lamp! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!

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