Color Screening Digital Pictures





Introduction: Color Screening Digital Pictures

Galmour shots charges $75 to do this black and white with a color emphasis thing. Well, their lab does the work, and they use photoshop (amazing the information you can get if you're friendly and play dumb). They also showed me their technique and a few other useful tricks....

Step 1: Grab and Image and Make a New Layer

I never work on the original layer, I always use a copy - you can always turn off the base layer.

Make any adjustments to this layer... adjust curves, light levels etc. This is a good time to clean up skin blemishes etc. (I did not do so for this picture, this was just a quick write up as an example).

Step 2: Create a New Layer Based of the Adjusted On

Place this layer on top and desaturate (remove all color or colour if your prefer :P).

Now, using the eraser tool, remove bits of the top layer (the B&W; one) to reveal the color(s) below. Make small strokes and go slowly, you can always use the undo feature of your photo editor to fix mistakes.

Step 3: End Result

Now you can resize, save in additional formats etc.

I always do these things at the end of a session so I can utilize the history brush should I need to.

Other things to highlight:
Lips, eyes, hair, jewlery, props, etc.

But be warned, too much is a VERY BAD thing. And sometimes it just looks evil or puke awful. Simple is best and use any bit of artistic judgement or even get a second opinion :P



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    Awesome. First time user and it worked. Your awesome

    Great editing of your image. I think if you want to further manipulate your image there is an option in Photoshop called "mask".. i wonder you definitely use this option to further show your art creativity....


    GIMP IS AWESOME! I love it since its entirely cross platform! (i have ubuntu linux!)

    I officially hate Ubuntu when they came out with Karmic 9.10! I use openSUSE now, you should try it.

    Good tutorial. For doing all this, I reccomend using the GIMP, a good, free, non-commercial image editing program. Also, I find it works better if you put the colour layer on top, and then earse away the parts that you want to be in black and white.

    gimp is a free verion of photoshop thats all.. it does almost everything photoshop does and you can use the same addons. the professionals and stuff will most likley say photoshop is better --- just like the MAC users say mac is better THEY ARE ARROGANT

    Lol yes we are!  All of us, because I've met every single mac owner.  Although Gimp is great, perhaps more people would take notice of your comments if you didn't make raging accusations about people you haven't met.  Just saying. :)

    Yes, that works too :P It's just easier to erase less (what can I say, I'm lazy). I love GIMP :D I tried to make the isntructions as universal as possible, which is why I did not take screen shots of the tool buttons or anything :P

    With something like this, you could probably do a select by color or magic wand...

    if you use the magic wand or the masking tools, you can simply select the area you want to be in color and delete it, without having to erase.