Step 9: Investigate

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A completed sphere may be dissected in any number of ways. Depending on the angle and depth of the cut different color spectrums will be revealed.
suayres4 years ago
That is simply brilliant! How long did it take you to figure out and then construct the sphere? My friend and I are presently working our way through "Polymer Clay Color Inspirations" by Lindley Haunani and Maggie Maggio. I see we're going to make your sphere, too! Thanks for yet another "Color Inspiration".
jesse.hensel (author)  suayres4 years ago
I took basic color theory in college, but I have always disliked the fact that no one image concisely shows all of the colors. In 2009 I was teaching stop motion animation at the San Francisco Children's Museum. Part of my demonstration involved teaching families to mix colors. During a demonstration the layout of the Color Sphere occurred to me and I set to work making a model. A quick google search pulled up the wiki article on "color solid" and had images of Philipp Otto Runge and Albert Henry Munsell's color spheres. I realized that the project would make a good Instuctable but I didn't have the impetus to remake it until this week. I am teaching art at a high school and I was contemplating color spheres as a class project. However, this sphere took three hours to construct. I think that color spheres would be too monotonous for a week long unit. Enjoy making your own, let me know how it comes out.
for the students have them make the first flat layer, maybe with more divisions. a flat circle with primary, secondary, tertiary, (quadrary?) around the edge, and mixing towards in the center.

show them the sphere. perhaps someone will tackle it for extra credit!
Chromacon3 years ago
I love the slightly maniacal aspect of this! I have worked with color for 40 years, and my father before me, and this project tickles me no end. I second the idea of a claymation version of it! My dad would also have loved this version of the Munsell color solid. www.chromaccord.net
jesse.hensel (author)  Chromacon3 years ago
Thanks. Yay Munsell!
linny3 years ago
Can see you love beautiful things, love making a beautiful thing. Even each evolving step is colorfully fun to watch. Would make a good animated film.
jesse.hensel (author)  linny3 years ago
Animation would be lovely.
Kaisei134 years ago
If this was sculpey you could bake it then cut it with a hacksaw and keep the colors from blending. Cool project.
jesse.hensel (author)  Kaisei134 years ago
Great idea, give it a try and post some photos!