Color Wiimote Straps





Introduction: Color Wiimote Straps

Using some Rit dye, you can customize your Wiimote's straps. I went with Blue and Fuchsia, and at $4 per color, that's not a bad investment.

Step 1: Go to the Store and Get Some Rit Dye.

I figured that dark colors would work best, so if you get yellow, you may be sad with the results. Take your box of dye home, and mix it with 1 cup of boiling water on your stove top. Keep the mixture on the stove, and then stir in your strap(s) (I found that 1-2 straps per bath works the best). Stir it around and make sure you move the plastic on the strap around or you'll get a light spot. When you're happy with the shade, rinse the strap under hot water until it runs clear, then under cold water for a few seconds. Let it dry and you're done!

Step 2: Put the Dry Strap on Your Wiimote.

That's it! Your colored strap can go onto your Wiimote and you're all done!



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    Will this work with black remote straps?

    think i could just use a sharpie??? maybe i will have to take the ink out of it and dip the strap in... ill tell you if it works... if anyone has any ideas PM me

    2 replies

    I forgot to post what happened. I used green, and it stays on the fabric nicely, but it sort of came off the plastic. I used a cheap brand of permanent marker, so that could be the problem. Also, it was green, and is a light color, so that could have been part of the problem.

    thanks that'll save time looking through like everywhere, PX, Walmart, and other places like...i don't know. I'll check Hal's Hobby shop across town, they do cool things with RCs and stuff. thanks again

    I like it alot, so the plastic dyes in the bath too? has anybody tried dying the plastic off of a Wii-mote? I think I might try to make an all red Wii-mote for my girlfriend but I would like to know if anybody else has tried and can give some advice...

    Wow! These look great. If i didn't know better i would swear that these were made by Nintendo. Great job! 4 1/2 stars

    very nice, i think the chunk on the blue one is just because of a different kind of plastic. Perhaps i might try out the wiimote and if that does will maybe a wii.

    Here are the ones we did, the kids got to pick the color they wanted for theirs. We got our dye at a Joann's Fabric, they had a lot to pick from. So much easier then trying to figure out which skin/cover would work best with the motes without causing issues with play. Colors are better in person, the light washed them out a bit.


    The fact that RIT dye's plastic is interesting. It is hard to tell by the pictures but how nice is the surface finish look on the plastic part. That do you think about dying the whole remote? Would the finish be consistent? Could you do this and then just clear coat over it? I'm going to dye all my joysticks if it works.

    6 replies

    I'm thinking of getting a refrub Wiimote and trying it. The fuchsia one looks great, but there's a corner on the blue one (you can see in that pic) that isn't the same shade. I don't know why the blue didn't take on that corner. Also, with an entire controller, you may need to double up the dye/water so you can submerge it 100%.

    Have you ever heard of vinyl dye? It comes in a rattle can but instead of coating the plastic is dyes it... If the Rit doesn't work out, that miiiight work.

    It's possible that there was some oil from your hands on that corner acting as a resist to the dye. Next time you could try cleaning the plastic parts with rubbing alcohol before dyeing.

    nice. You could probably die it several times to even it out. I would suggest that with the strap but it is probably ok with the plastic. I think I will order a referb one too and try it. My wife works at Michael's so I get a good discount there. Did you let the strap sit on the bottom of the pan or something?

    I just put it in a small pot and stirred it for 20-30 mintes, flipping the strap/moving the sliding plastic every couple minutes. A small pot is ideal so the strap is submerged.