In this instructable I will show you how I made a simple color changing light bulb night light. This is the first project in a series of projects featuring low cost color changing LEDs salvaged from  tealights that can be purchased at big lots.

Some background on the tealights
Each tealight has a color changing led, a cr2032 3v battery, a battery holder, and a waterproof case for it all to sit in. Each package of lights contains 2 light assemblies and 2 extra batteries. All together there is:
4x cr2032 3v batteries
2x color changing leds
2x battery holders
2x waterproof cases
In my humble opinion that's a pretty dang good deal for $2
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Step 2: Disassembly

Go ahead and plug in your glue gun so it can warm up.
While you are waiting open the package and remove a tealight. Open the tealight by unscrewing the top from the base. remove the led assembly (not attached) and the battery.
Under the battery you will fins a small piece of paper or plastic insulating the battery from the contacts to prevent accidental lighting during shipping. Remove this as it will not be necessary.