I'm going to show you how to make color origami ball. Actually it's not really a ball but it looks like a ball to me and because I don't know its real name I call it ball.

I made more pictures to show you how to make it. I think they will be enough for you to understand everything!

Good luck!

Step 1: Materials

Before you start you must know that this is a lot of work and you need to be patient. It's going to take a lot of time!

You need:
- 5 sheets of paper A4 from one color ( I choose pink it'll be "outside color")
- 10 sheets of paper A4 from another color ( I choose blue it'll be "inside color")
- a pencil
- glue
- a ruler
- scissors
- and a small sheet of paper with measurement 9 cm x 9 cm ( if you don't have you can make it)
<p>lindos colores</p>
is there a way to assemble it without glue?
Mmm no...well I think tape would do the trick.
<p>King of origami!!!! The ball of spikes!!!!</p>
you have done a GREAT job, THANX
This is not origami because you are cutting and gluing
It's not origami but it's Kiragami which includes cutting and gluing.
That is sooo fun!
Thank you for distributing the instructions. <br>Good luck on future projects. <br>R306.
Thank you!
The PDF file is either not available of the Download button/link is faulty. Kindly advise
why cant i download the pdf file?? please help. thnx :D
I don't know. Ask site's administrator :)
people are still looking at this ;) <br>very good instructable, for the gluing part, it very easy if you use both a video and this instructable, it makes it very easy
Thank you for your comment :)
This is an AWESOME tutorial. But I don't have that much paper, and if you mess up, you technically have to get more paper. But this is so cool! I want one
mine looks great until i connected the 2 halves together. there are gaping holes in it and it kinda collpases when you close it...
I am watching your video right now. Also, can someone make a zenmagnets instructable? Here is the link to get them : http://www.zenmagnets.com/. <br><br>NOTE: Watch the video at the bottom<br>
You obviously have almost no life.That is not an insult, I mean you have WAY too much time. I do too; I made a cut origami owl that takes up over 100 units. <br>Took me about 1 1/2 weeks :3
can this be made without glue
You can use tape as well, but it's better with glue.
I think what musicmixer112 meant was, can it be made purely from paper without needing to be stuck together with anything but friction.
I don't think so...I don't thing of anything that can replase the glue.
Hey, do you use card board or normal copy paper thickness color paper?
Normal paper :P If you use cardboard it can be too hard to fold :) Recently I made one with sticky notes. It turned out great and I skipped step number 2.
Yes, but it would be EXTREMELY hard
how long does it takes to make it
Depends on how fast you fold. Usually it takes about 5 hours for me to make one :)
WOW!!!! FIVE HOURS!!! You must have a lot of spare time! Congrats!! Thanks for showing us this!
I am horrible at glueing, so i will probably mess up many times.
would it work if i use 4.5cm by 4.5cm paper. please answer!!!! <br>
i used 4.5cm by 4.5cm paper too and it's very hard, the folds are small. Good luck if you try
yeah why not...but I suppose it would be harder to fold...anyway you can still try ;)
thank you
once I am done i will post a pic
If you're using glue, you're <strong>not </strong>making origami...
these make great gifts!
good instructable. made one making another
Thanks :)
And now another :D
i did it for 3 days but the other on i tried to do it w/o glue EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How big would the ball be if i use 10.5 by 10.5 cm paper<br>
I can't tell you exactly how big it would be. When I use 9 by 9 cm squares the height of the ball is about 14 cm. I hope that will help you.
i ve searched this for a long time . i m making it now . i m so happy. ilove origami soooo much
It may be just me, but this reminds me somewhat of a 'bit' from the original Tron...
Hey thanks so much for the tutorial. I enjoyed building it.<br>Here is a video of it finished.<br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKJqKRr8OH0
Good job! I like it especially the colors :D
can i use copy paper?its a slighty different size than A4

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