Color Up Your Xbox 360 Controller!





Introduction: Color Up Your Xbox 360 Controller!

In this instructible i will teach you how to color you xbox 360 controller with sharpies (that what i used) or spray paint. Its quite simple really.

WARNING- In this instrucitble you will need to take apart your xbox 360 controller. Doing this you void your warranty with Microsoft.

Step 1: Take It Apart!

Okay to take apart the Xbox 360 controller you will need a torex 8 screwdriver. (but you can actually get away with using a small flat head). There are 7 screws located on the controller. One is under the sticker where the batter pack is.

Step 2: Gut It!

Now that you have it taken apat gut it out! take everything and put it somewhere safe.

Step 3: Design.

Okay you now how two options. You can Draw you own design on it or can can spray paint it a boring color. If you decide to spray paint it the go to the next step.

Okay those who decided to color it and make awesome designs then you need these:

Clear Coat -can be found home depot, lowes etc.

Permanent markers -I used the Bic brand because i like the colors, but sharpie will work fine as well.

"Painters Tape" -A blue colored tape that is used to cover stuff that you do not want to tape.

Step 4: Tape It Up.


Okay once you done with you awesome design markers the you need to tape it up. To tape it up you need to cover all hole because you do not want the clear coat to be in there the buttons are because it would then get sticky.

If spraying then get it taped up ahead of time and spray and then clear coat it.

Step 5: Clear Coat It !

Now that it is taped up. And you design is all done, you now need to take you controller part and place it on newspaper and spray it with clear coat. I would suggest 3-4 coats of it. You will know when its ready because it will be shinny.


Step 6: After It Drys.

Remove the tape and put it back together! Once back together test all buttons and if some are sticky then take it apart and scrape around the holes with a knife.



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    I don't have a Th8 screwdriver, so I didn't open the controller. Instead of the clear coat PAINT, I'm going to use a clear coat NAILPOLISH. I know it'll take me longer, but it'll be worth it because I srsly can't find a th8 screwdriver..


    Hmm, nice but how to tape it? Also, is there a way to custom mode (color up) the controller without opening the controller? Because I have sees some with paper (you print the body on paper then draw on it then stick it on the controller) (BTW nice style)

    I really want to put designs on my controller with acrylic paint. I know it would be thick and make the controller's texture somewhat sticky, but coukdn't you just do some designs on the main part away from the buttons, then put clear spray paint over it? I've been thinking about this but haven't seen any post anywhere about it. And I'd like SOME input before I ruin my controller. (: Thanks!

    It should work out fine, you may just need to clear coat it a couple of layers so it'll build up. Good luck and post pictures!

    ok so what about a black controller? Lol I dont have the white one :3

    spray it white then

    i did the same thing with my ps2 controller which was black just use what ever color spray paint as long as you can see your drawings on it and spray that on then once its dry use the markers on it

    couldnt you just use acrylic paints and entirley cover it say with white then paint over that if dried, mind yourselfs tho cause that paint if toutched or brushed is very easy to mess up

    Do you have to tape it and clear coat it if you are using a broken Xbox 360 controller that got soda all over it?