Picture of Color you chucks!
Are you tired of your old Chucks? Need to "Spice Them up?"

Okay then! I will teach you how to change your Converse logo (the Star in a circle on the side) into whatever you want! This will barely cost you any money as well. Well? Lets get started

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Step 1: Pick out your logo.

Picture of Pick out your logo.
Okay You now need to find a logo that you would like on the side of your shoe. I chose the famous Gears of War logo. You can choose whatever you want though, it would probably be best if it was circle form though.
jianqiang5 years ago
I thought that was meatwad in the thumbnail, which would be equally cool
hehe im definetly gonna do this a picture of a gun And a arrow Lmao Whats that ?? oh its so i dont forget where my Holster is
lol... you might get in trouble for terroristic threat or something stupid
k_man936 years ago
how would you vote?
beauwalker23 (author)  k_man936 years ago
Voting starts sept. the 21-27

( http://www.instructables.com/contest/schoolinstyle/ )


tell your friends!
I wonder if you could do this by printing and gluing the logo, as well (I know I'd mess it up if I tried drawing whatever I wanted).
beauwalker23 (author)  HarveyDanger6 years ago
Yeah that should work. just tape it and cleat coat it a bunch! :]
Kryptonite6 years ago
I'll steal my friend's converse tomorrow...