Color Your Ipod Headphones!





Introduction: Color Your Ipod Headphones!

A simple instructable on how to make your headphones quite snazzy. This is my first instructable. Enjoy.

WARNING: The Sharpie will wear off onto your clothes or ears if it rubs too much. I'd recommend something more permanent like paint. The sharpie is a good way to "preview", if you will. MODIFYING YOUR HEADPHONES OR ANY OTHER PART OFF YOUR IPOD WILL VOID THE WARRANTY, CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

If you spray paint, be sure to cover up the speaker and maybe the little holes, just to be careful. That is all.

Step 1: Materials

Materials: Sharpie or Paint Markers, Ipod Headphones,Paper or Cardboard, Patience

I would recomend the paint markers or those super duper permanent markers. The sharpies fade and smudge on plastic

Step 2: Preperation

Get a peice of paper or cardboard and layout your materials. You don't want marker all over your table, or pants, or whatever. Make sure your in a well ventalted area. I did mine in the car, it was hell.

Step 3: Design

Now you can take a picture of your headphones and edit the color of them in photoshop, or draw them out on a peice of paper and color them to see how it'll look. I drew mine, terribly. Be creative, if you have a steady hand go ahead and put a little design on it.

Step 4: Color!

Go ahead and color your earbud. Use a thin marker where you want to change colors and in the little crevaces of the earbud. Remember to let it dry a section at a time. I waited about 3-5 minutes between colors, just to make sure. You can also add more coats if your marker is opaque.

Step 5: Take a Break

Inhaling all those fumes makes you sick, and nobody likes being sick. Go bask in your half finished glory, listen to some Led Zeppelin and take a nap.

Step 6: The Wire

Now if you want, you can color the wire of your headphones to make it even snazzier. Stretch the cord along your paper or cardboard between two (2) fingers. Now color up and down the cord. Roll it over to get the other side and wait a few minutes. Now move the cord up a bit so the arean between your fingers is white. You can now color that. You can also color the little seperater thingy if you want, nobody is stopping you.

Step 7: Listen

I decided to color only one earbud. Mainly because I'm lazy and I think it looks cool anyway. Now go walk around and show off your stunning new headphones while listening to some Children of Bodom. Hope you enjoyed my Instructable



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    i tried this before with a sharpie and it came off real fast

    The same happened with me, also got on clothes.

    excuse me but wouldn't the sharpie come off in your ear.this is a sort of a health hazard

    Likes your instructable you might try to take better pictures next time.
    Look at mine

    Would acrylic paint work?

    I need to get the sharpie off my headphones now; I tried to wipe it off, but the color was still there, water wouldn't do anything, when I tried nail polish, it turned my red sharpie green and yellow. now it looks like it has barf on it. How do you get the sharpie off?

    You could always try white spirit. That would do the job.

    Rubbing alcohol.