A simple instructable on how to make your headphones quite snazzy. This is my first instructable. Enjoy.

WARNING: The Sharpie will wear off onto your clothes or ears if it rubs too much. I'd recommend something more permanent like paint. The sharpie is a good way to "preview", if you will. MODIFYING YOUR HEADPHONES OR ANY OTHER PART OFF YOUR IPOD WILL VOID THE WARRANTY, CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

If you spray paint, be sure to cover up the speaker and maybe the little holes, just to be careful. That is all.

Step 1: Materials

Materials: Sharpie or Paint Markers, Ipod Headphones,Paper or Cardboard, Patience

I would recomend the paint markers or those super duper permanent markers. The sharpies fade and smudge on plastic
excuse me but wouldn't the sharpie come off in your ear.this is a sort of a health hazard
Led Zeppelin rocks the house.
Likes your instructable you might try to take better pictures next time.<br /> Look at <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Custom-Headphones/" rel="nofollow">mine </a><br />
Would acrylic paint work?
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Custom-Headphones/" rel="nofollow">Try this</a><br />
I need to get the sharpie off my headphones now; I tried to wipe it off, but the color was still there, water wouldn't do anything, when I tried nail polish, it turned my red sharpie green and yellow. now it looks like it has barf on it. How do you get the sharpie off?
You could always try white spirit. That would do the job.<br />
Rubbing alcohol.
if you sleep with them on it smears a lot
something that works well is nail polish -- comes in all sorts of wild colors now and of course comes with it's own brush. easy to get a hold of --
why would you color ipod head phones I <3 the sectcy white
this looks really crappy, if you just disassemble them, then spraypaint and glue it back together
did u take the pics in a moving car?
Yes, colored them in it too.
Well yes the sharpie will wear off, its just a little temporary thing until I get paint. Just try not to chew on your headphones, I don't think it'd be good for you. If anything, I'd say paint markers would last longer than sharpie, and there is always that uber permanent house paint. I'll include this in the intro.
if you use your headphones a lot the sharpie will come off in your ears...not good.
Sharpie very quickly wears off the plastic that the earbuds are made of. It's gonna get all over your clothes.
i tried this before with a sharpie and it came off real fast
I tried painting my ipod headphones with acrylic spraypaint, it does come off (slowly), I haven't tried permanent marker yet. Though I would be afraid of it coming off on clothing or other things in my pocket.
Won't the marker paint wear off due to rubbing againtst clothes or body?
Thanks very cool im gunna try this. Nice use of snazzy
HAHA yea thats wicked im gonna try it 5 for this 1

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