Create two sets of colored glasses to aid in color-blindness. Useful for solving video game puzzles that require normal color vision, or determining if a color is red or green.

Uses: when wearing the cyan pair, red will appear very dark or black, and blue-green (cyan) will appear very light or almost white. When wearing the red pair, the opposite is true.

You will need:

Two anaglyph (red-cyan) glasses



Step 1: Place Glasses Front-to-front.

Step 2: Cut Through Center.

Placing them front-to-front makes them match up exactly in a later step just in case your cut is not exact.

Step 3: Separate.

Step 4: Swap One Side Red for Cyan and Bend the Opposite Way.

Step 5: Tape Down the Center.

Do for both the red and blue sets.

Step 6: You Now Have a Set Each of Cyan and Red Glasses.

Step 7: Here Is an Example of a Puzzle That Is Difficult to Solve for Colorblind People.

This is from Machinarium (the Under the Dome puzzle).

Step 8: Here's How It Looks to a Colorblind Person.

One may only be red-green deficient, but for practical purposes the colors are indistinguishable.

Step 9: Here's How It Looks With the Red Glasses.

Not much help in this particular puzzle, but good for other ones.

Step 10: With the Cyan Glasses, the Puzzle Is Solveable.

The colorblind person can now see which balls have to be moved into place.

Thanks so much I'm colorblind well red green color blind but I'll try this
<p>That's such a cool hack, and it really is amazing what a difference the cyan glasses make on the puzzle. Although I definitely remember struggling with that puzzle and I can see all the colors, I can't imagine solving it without that ability.</p>

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