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This is the exact recipe to make colored flames at home! not very expensive. completely spectacular! i was actually the person you sold the patent for colored flamed candles so the buyers of the patent are going to be angry if they find out. anyways this is the insructable to go to if you want colored flames. i prefer the blue flames.

i am not respnsible for any stupid actions you may perform during making this intructable
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Step 1: Ingrediants

Picture of ingrediants
• 3 parts Potassium sulphate (Chromealum) and 1 part potassium nitrate (Salt Peter) for violet flames
• Strontium chloride for red flames
• Calcium chloride (bleaching powder) for blue flames
• Magnesium sulphate (Epson Salts) for white flames
• Baronsalts (Borax) for yellowish-green flames
• Copper sulphate (blue vitrol/Bluestone) for green flames
• Sodium chloride (table salt) for yellow flames

Step 2: How to make it happen

Picture of how to make it happen
what you do is dissolve the chemical in water. boiling may be required

1 cup chemical:1 cup water

this is how i did it

Colorful flames: 1/2 lb. baking soda to 1/2 gallon of water, or 1/2 lb. borax to 1/2 gallon of water, or 1/2 lb. salt to 1/2 gallon of water. Soak pinecones overnight and put in mesh bag to dry You may also treat pinecones, coarse sawdust or cork waste and throw them into the fireplace to color the fire. They are far easier to treat and take less time to dry. Here are two methods for treating bases such as course sawdust, pinecones and cork waste
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ehne1 month ago

is the smoke coming out of the flame safe to inhale

matthiias ehne1 month ago

No, smoke inhalation is pretty unsafe due to the carcinogens and lung damage that can be caused by smoke from combustion in general, in addition to that, a majority of the chemicals used to generate these colours contain Chlorine, or Sulfur, which are also quite harmful/ can be lethal.

With that said, just using these outside for whatever reason shouldn't pose any real threat so long as general fire safety is applied and you're not actually TRYING to inhale the smoke, and by NO MEANS should you attempt to COOK with these chemically coloured flames.

manager8003 years ago
I found this site which could be pretty helpful to anybody looking for certain chemicals in household products-
ghammond-14 years ago
Where can you get strotium chloride from to make the red flames. I did read somewhere that you can get it from emergency flares but wouldnt this be a bit dangerous.
How did you make the candles that make colored fire?
soak the wiks of the candles in the chems .........................mabey if write the responsibility for the breach of patent is mine and not ilikechemicals or the instructables website or comunity however i take no responiblity of the actual use of this breach of patent any creation of this potential breach of patent is responibility of those who create the physical object legal aside nice ible and soz about long coment that wasyes the time of any who read the legel mumbo jumbo
ilikechemicals (author)  milamber4 years ago
the patent thing was a joke hahaha my brother actually put it on there when i took a bathroom break and i dont know how to take it off
Brainiac906 years ago
Great Instructable. I noticed you have a black flame in your picture, do you know what chemical to use for a black flame? Also has anyone tried making color variations (i.e changes from one color to another) I would love to here about your experiences with this.
it is impossible to create black flame, that pic. must have been photo edited, because fire is not a material thing and is just heat and light. Since black is the absence of light a black flame would be an invisible or nonexistent flame.
ilikechemicals (author)  magicentral4 years ago
the pic was edited but some people might think that a black flame is possible to make they mistake it for really sooty smoke. just some thing to think about.
I'm not sure if this photo was edited, but making these flames is possible. They're not actually black just a really dark gray, it's just easier to call them black flames. I have seen them before, and the only reason I really mentioned it is because I figured he may have forgotten to add it to the list. I do however appreciate your incredibly correct understanding of fire and the fact that you took the time to respond.
SrgtKid5 years ago
Those are some awesome pictures from Monkey Brains!!! LOL
ilikechemicals (author)  SrgtKid4 years ago
clzfishing4 years ago
Can you mix some of these ingreadents togeather to make a rambow type flame ?  If you can how much should i put of each ingreadent then match with water ?
NetReaper5 years ago
Are the fumes dangerous?
Not terribly.  They do produce fumes, but for example, I use boric acid dissolved ethyl alcohol for my fire poi.  It makes green flames, and the fumes are outside so thewy dissipate quickly.  I wouldn't recommend huffing it obviously, but if you smell it, you won't get sick or die.
Cubie26 years ago
I know it probably wasn't ment for this but I soaked a log in it then lit it at scoat camp. :P FUN!!!
can these chemicals be diluted in lamp oil instead of water to use in oil lamps? can I add dyes to match the colors of the flames? where do I get these chemicals? want to make all the colors in small amounts
Unfortunately, just dissolving the colorants in oil (or other fuels like: ethanol, octane, etc) doesn't work (at least these don't).
This because the fuel vaporizes, burns up, and leaves behind the chemical.

In short if the chemicals can't vaporize, it won't work. 
Oh, I had almost forgoten to say: I've had success turning a flame both green (copper sulfate) & puppleish pink (potasium nitrate) by dissolving the chemicals in liquid kerosine.

I think this worked because the kerosine must have vaporize the chemicals. In fact, it didn't leave ANY residues!
I'll try to post an instructable on it if I have time... 
The easiest one for you to get would probably be epsom salts (white flames) these are available at drug stores etc. and they sell them to anyone, some other chemicals are harder to get but if you want white flames just go to a drug store. also for yellow flames borax is available at drug stores. ive tried to make white lamp oil and sorry but it didnt work for me :(
junits15 Cubie26 years ago
kool what color did use?
Cubie2 junits156 years ago
junits15 Cubie26 years ago
where did u get the chemicals?
Cubie2 junits155 years ago
Walmart. :P (I have one like a block away!!!)
junits156 years ago
what is something around that i might have around the house that will make blue flames? (something with calcium cloride in it)
just normal butane will make a blue flaame

only if is burned very efficiantly, if it isnt it burns sooty and orange

well burn it effiiently
Rak27 junits155 years ago
calcium chloride is readily available as a bleaching powder...
junits15 Rak275 years ago
and ice melter
Limestone has it in, but I highly doubt you will have a slab of it lying around XD
hhm maby not a slab but a powder! (off to google!)
Foaly75 years ago
Could you make color-coded candles out of crayon wax and soak the wicks in this recipe?
Foaly7 Foaly75 years ago
Oh, and where can you buy the Potassium sulfate and Potassium nitrate?
Potassium nitrate is sold at home depot as stump remover, it should say potassium nitrate right on the package. Hope this helps.
photis226 years ago
i tryed it with borax and salt on wooden scewers, the borax just bubbled out and the salt ones werrent much different from normal flames, and tips? also wondering what the baking soda does
Rak27 photis225 years ago
more surface area to hold the chemicals and if you just want to test colors burn it on something that doesn't burn itself like a metal spoon or something because yellow flames from the wood in the skewers are some of the brightest and will severely reduce your ability to see any colors in the fire
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