Picture of Colored Pencil Jacket (made in sketchbook pro)
Don't you hate when you're in the plane or car drawing when your colored pencil falls from your lap into the unknown? To keep those colored pencils organized and under control, I have created the Colored Pencil Jacket in Sketchbook Pro! With a Colored Pencil Jacket on, all of your colored pencils will remain neatly tucked away in their individual slots, easy to reach whenever you need a splash of color in your drawing! Its slick, waterproof material serves as a great art smock when painting or creating anything messy. If you're in the airplane and spill some soda on your favorite jacket, no problem! Just wipe away the mess with a napkin and continue drawing. This jacket has a hood with red trim, along with a zipper straight down the middle. Want to know how I designed it? Read on!

Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
For starters, I downloaded the Dream it, Draw it, Wear it Contest jacket template and uploaded it into Sketchbook Pro. I used the free trial, and was astonished at how cool the software was! After a few doodles, I was ready to start.

I selected the hard eraser tool and enabled the vertical axis of symmetry feature. Then, I erased the drawstring on one side, amazed to see that the symmetry feature erased the other drawstring as well. Next, I shaded the whole jacket with a brilliant blue using paint bucket.
It's nice knowing what brushes you used for the different effects. Really cool! I like your choice of colors!!
Jessie Marie (author)  ReneediCherri2 years ago
Thank you so much! :)