Picture of Colored Running Water Prank!
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Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

Picture of Gather Your Materials!
-Paas Egg Dye Kit (You'll only be needing the color tablets)
-A faucet!

Step 2: Unscrew!

Picture of Unscrew!
Unscrew the faucet top - don't worry; you'll be able to screw it back on like new.

Step 3: Insert Tablets!

Picture of Insert Tablets!
Put the tablets on the inside of the part that you unscrewed - try to put two or three of THE SAME COLOR, or it will look look weird with all of those colors mixed. Don't forget to dry the part that you unscrewed so you won't "leak" the secret!

Step 4: Screw!

Picture of Screw!
Carefully screw the part of the faucet that you unscrewed (with the tablets inside) back into the faucet.

Step 5: Watch The Reaction And Don't Forget To Vote!

jyotisingh19 minutes ago


very funny

stevebhalla1 month ago


inqueba3 months ago

lolzzzzzzzzzzz....Very Funny

BARNABASSABA5 months ago

hahahahahahahaha... i will use the bloood Color when i will do it

tadandbrian5 months ago
brianpotter (author) 5 months ago
Hey thank you everyone! I've gotten first prize in the April Fools Contest and it's all thanks to you guys! Thanks again!
brianpotter (author) 6 months ago
That's cool I've never tried that! I'll do that thanks for the idea! :)
Razz376 months ago

Another way to get the colour is to dry foodcolouring in the oven, you get flakes that works great but dosent work too long

brianpotter (author) 6 months ago
Thank you!

I might just do this one!

brianpotter (author) 7 months ago
Haha comment their reaction when u do it!
coolsista97 months ago
Mwahahaahah gonna get my family this year......
brianpotter (author) 7 months ago
Ik u can do tht also do u think I should add it in??
ollie2427 months ago
put it in the shower head instead
brianpotter (author) 7 months ago
Your welcome! :)
Riley322577 months ago

Easy, cheap and harmless - my kind of fun! Thanks for the idea! :)

brianpotter (author) 7 months ago
Haha Ikr!
trosen21097 months ago
This should be featured
brianpotter (author) 7 months ago
trosen21097 months ago
This is awesome!!