Picture of Colored Running Water Prank!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

Picture of Gather Your Materials!
-Paas Egg Dye Kit (You'll only be needing the color tablets)
-A faucet!

Great Work

galiliosharma6 months ago

Great Work

olivia117 months ago

Very Funny


BrianDean8 months ago


davis318 months ago


rose1249 months ago


inqueba1 year ago

lolzzzzzzzzzzz....Very Funny

hahahahahahahaha... i will use the bloood Color when i will do it

brianpotter (author) 1 year ago
Hey thank you everyone! I've gotten first prize in the April Fools Contest and it's all thanks to you guys! Thanks again!
brianpotter (author) 1 year ago
That's cool I've never tried that! I'll do that thanks for the idea! :)
Razz371 year ago

Another way to get the colour is to dry foodcolouring in the oven, you get flakes that works great but dosent work too long

brianpotter (author) 1 year ago
Thank you!

I might just do this one!

brianpotter (author) 1 year ago
Haha comment their reaction when u do it!
coolsista91 year ago
Mwahahaahah gonna get my family this year......
brianpotter (author) 1 year ago
Ik u can do tht also do u think I should add it in??
ollie2421 year ago
put it in the shower head instead
brianpotter (author) 1 year ago
Your welcome! :)
Riley322571 year ago

Easy, cheap and harmless - my kind of fun! Thanks for the idea! :)

brianpotter (author) 1 year ago
Haha Ikr!
This should be featured
brianpotter (author) 1 year ago
This is awesome!!