Introduction: Colored Noodles, for Eating!

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Colors rock. This is simply an easy guide for coloring noodles.

Step 1: 1. Select Your Noodles/pasta

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I chose rice noodles since they cook quickly (and make a hell of a mess for the cats to play with).

Skip to step 5 if you just want to see how pasta turns out colored.

Step 2: 2. Get Your Dyes and Equipment

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The best dyes are actually what you'll find at an asian or indian store - cheap and natural. Powder works for ANYTHING.
(my niece always wants "green" tea at my house...)


Get your pots!
If you only want one color, use one pot.
If you want 500 colors, use around 500 pots.

Put water in the pot (whatever the pack of noodles/pasta says) and about a teaspoon of dye.

Step 3: 3. Start Cooking!

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Insert the noodles when your water is boiling, turn the heat down.
Simmer until cooked.

For rice noodles, rinse with water afterwards...

Notice that the color sticks!

Step 4: 4. Arrange Your Noodles!

Picture of 4. Arrange Your Noodles!

The noodles are now rinsed and arranged - completion!

They taste like normal noodles. They are funky.
Color the world.

Step 5: 5. What About Pasta?

Picture of 5. What About Pasta?

For making color pasta, follow the exact same steps as noodles!


CortneyB3 (author)2016-03-10

My office is having a "green" lunch for St. Patricks day, I was thinking I'd make Green pasta salad, this really helps

naturalcolor_2014 (author)2014-12-16

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KiennaP (author)2014-10-28

Does this work with ramen? For a party I need to make green ramen (from the packages) so would I just boil the water and dye and then add the blocks of ramen noodles? And then do I empty that water and get new clear water for the broth or what? Thanks for the cool tutorial!

jhoward19 (author)2013-04-14

Can you use any type of pasta? fettuccine? angel hair? lasagna?

kchan11 (author)2013-01-24

This dish from which country did .... my friend

Quixa (author)2011-09-08

I love this! It's settled. I'm making colorful pasta this weekend for a special dinner for two. Thanks for an easy way to visually spice up a platter! As stated, what a fun idea for holiday colors. I'm going to try orange and black for Halloween and see who else is willing to take a servering. =)

inhaos (author)2011-05-11

i can't image eating a BLACK noodles!!
for looking ,good
for eating,no,thanks

really looks nice!

Nymph (author)2008-10-10

Oh so fun! I've gotta try this for my kids. I'm not sure that their father would approve though.

static (author)Nymph2008-10-11

In those situations mom always told dad; quit being such a stick in the mud.

Nymph (author)static2008-11-07

Ha! My husband is Japanese and noodles are right up there with rice in the "don't mess with it" department. -Well, almost. :)

bettbee (author)Nymph2009-05-21

Oh my. Approval, is it? Well, luckily for him, he doesn't have to eat them. Having seen many fantastically-colored foods made by all kinds of Japanese folk, I seriously doubt it's a Japanese issue, but more of a power and control problem. If it were me I'd be dying rice the most shocking colors I could find and if the stick doesn't like 'em he can make his own. :-D

RaNDoMLeiGH (author)Nymph2009-01-22

not "approve"..??!! (Repressive much?) give him BLACK noodles then! black noodles with alfredo sauce. Pretty!

jkoznek (author)RaNDoMLeiGH2009-05-06

Black noodles with spaghetti!

twocvbloke (author)2009-05-07

Our local indian takeaway does "tricolour" rice sometimes, it's so funny eating multi-coloured rice in my Byriani!!! :D

actorintraining6 (author)2009-01-30

doesnt the dye, dye the pot that color too?

whatsisface (author)2008-10-12

I heard you can do eggs like this too, I can't remember how off the top of my head.

Umeko (author)whatsisface2008-10-13

you can dye eggs with tea... hard boil them, crack the shells up (dont peel them) and then soak them in tea and you get marbled eggs :D

red-king (author)Umeko2008-10-25

you can just add food colouring to scrambled eggs before you cook them.

gwrober (author)2008-10-15

This is really cool. And that "3 color pasta plate" looks great!

Der Bradly (author)2008-10-14

Wow, thats something i would love to see at a restraunt... (author)2008-10-13

very neat...when i was younger i used this method to cook my family some blue spaghetti for an april fool's day prank. it looked very bizarre with the sauce on it

Box Car Hobo (author)2008-10-11

This is... genius! You just got me interested in cooking. To the kitchen!

westfw (author)2008-10-07

Interesting. I don't think I've ever seen anything other than "normal" food dyes in American Indian/Chinese markets. I wonder if it's a legal requirement (only FDA approved dyes can be sold in the US?) Maybe I just need to look more carefully. (You CAN get "paste" dyes in cake-decorating sections of craft stores. They're MUCH more concentrated than liquid dyes.)

caturday_projects (author)westfw2008-10-07

Hm! Try your local asian store, then. They usually have cheap "liquid" dyes (a lot of vietnamese snacks are made of soft rice/coconut dough with different colors) I know that my color powder is indian, but I can find it in almost any "foreign" store here (Norway). I know our FDA-type laws are VERY strict (we didn't have blue food color until a couple of years ago, and blue soft candy was illegal!), but foreign stores still get the powder.. hm! Slipup maybe. I'm thinking the craft/cake-dyes are 1) expensive and 2) maybe not too good for you. ;) The liquid ones would probably work though - it seems the noodles just absorb the water when they inflate, so any color would do. :) (hey, even try a red onion in the water for more "natural color"..)

Or beets! And turmeric! If you don't mind a little added flavor. Can you tell us the ingredients on your Indian dyes? Thanks for the ible!

Let's see...
probably not all natural, hehe. (but the howto still stands, you can use anything!)

Yellow: sodium chloride, E110 sunset yellow FCF, tartrazine E102.
Green: sodium chloride, tartrazine E102, Brilliant blue FCF (no E-number ...)
Red:sodium chloride,tartrazine E102, ponceau 4R E124.

Wiki on E102:
(is banned in America AND Norway - haha.)
Brilliant blue:

All except brilliant blue can induce allergic reactions.

There seems to be only one major study documenting the effects found.

Go natural if you can, wow.

westfw (author)caturday_projects2008-10-10

Heh. Surprise! Thanks for the research!

milo0is0hot0 (author)2008-10-09

brilliant i find pasta boring to eat and a touch of colour will really help thks!!! i just did not want to use conventional food colouring because it is not good for kids (they go mad!!!!) great instructable!!!

After what I read on wiki I think you should get safe colors, yeah. :) Or don't use too much!

orangesrhyme (author)2008-10-09

You don't know how badly translucent noodles weird me out.

Like little jellyfish strings...

irinazcona (author)2008-10-09


BeSublime (author)2008-10-09

Two words: white balance! Good fun though, just in time for Halloween!

mikeasaurus (author)2008-10-06

Fun! And the colour is amazing, I like the way it looks with all the noodles mixed together. Pasta is already a dish that is pretty much endless with the possibilities, and with this you've opened the door to even more! I can't wait to try my next noodles like this.

Thanks, glad you liked it. :) I learned this today too - got the idea reading the howto on colored pasta (for crafting only). I can't wait to use it more either.. White dumplings filled with colored saucy noodles.. mm.

Saint (author)caturday_projects2008-10-09

Thanks for the follow up on that one, it got me thinking of other possibilities too.

GorillazMiko (author)2008-10-08

That's so cool! It looks good too. I might try out blue & purple. That would be hilarious. And cool. Eggs. +5/5 stars.

szechuan53 (author)2008-10-07

its hard to replicate the sound of joy i made when i first saw this... kind of like "vvaaaugh!" with a kind of muffled v... 5/5

iain010100 (author)2008-10-06

Very nice! Now I can make pasta for every holiday associated with a color. If only the rest of us could get along the same as our disparate colored foods.

I'd make macaroni/pasta, red and green for Christmas (if I were a bit more into the holidays, hehe...). The color REALLY stands out in pasta.

tchiseen (author)2008-10-06

That's cool,it'll definitely get people's attention.

ItsTheHobbs (author)2008-10-06

Yes! this is great!

tracidraw (author)2008-10-06

Wow, that's some technicolored fun!

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