Picture of Colorful, Cheap Lampshade
 I hate light bulbs without a diffuser and instead of spending 15 bucks on something reminiescent of a super 8 motel room, I decided to endeavor to make a personalized lampshade!  It was easy.  All you need is:
a bowl
small trash bag or saran wrap
2 sheets of 19"x24" tracing paper/ tissue paper (smaller sheets will work fine)
a variety of colored translucent thin plastic      OR    lots of different colored tissue paper
something to act as a mold (i.e. trash can upside down)
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Step 1: Preparing the area

Picture of Preparing the area
 So I always make a mess while papier mache-ing so I put a towel down under the area that I would be working.
To start - I grabbed my 99 cent generic trash can and turned it upside down so it resembles a lamp shade.  
In order to make this paper and glue not permanently stick to the trash can, I used a small trash bag to cover the trash can.  You can also you saran wrap. 

Step 2: Cut up your sheets

Picture of Cut up your sheets
 Now take your tracing/tissue paper and cut it up into manageable strips.  I made mine about the length I wanted the shade to be so about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide, but you can do whatever is comfortable for the size shade you are working on.  If you leave them too large they won't lay flat around the curves.

Step 3: Mix the solution

Picture of Mix the solution
 Now mix your glue and water.  Measurements don't really matter I just do it on instinct.  Probably about a tablespoon of glue to a cup and a half of water.  I always have leftovers but you want it liquidy enough so that the glue spread evenly.  Now I mix with my finger, don't be shy your whole hand will be covered in glue shortly.
RingoWild2 years ago
Great idea using the trash container as a frame!
The kitty is fascinated
fattykathy5 years ago
How creative and pretty!