I hate light bulbs without a diffuser and instead of spending 15 bucks on something reminiescent of a super 8 motel room, I decided to endeavor to make a personalized lampshade!  It was easy.  All you need is:
a bowl
small trash bag or saran wrap
2 sheets of 19"x24" tracing paper/ tissue paper (smaller sheets will work fine)
a variety of colored translucent thin plastic      OR    lots of different colored tissue paper
something to act as a mold (i.e. trash can upside down)

Step 1: Preparing the Area

 So I always make a mess while papier mache-ing so I put a towel down under the area that I would be working.
To start - I grabbed my 99 cent generic trash can and turned it upside down so it resembles a lamp shade.  
In order to make this paper and glue not permanently stick to the trash can, I used a small trash bag to cover the trash can.  You can also you saran wrap. 

<p>I have a generic polypropylene spray that I got for a couple of dollars at a discount store. The main reason I wanted it was to protect the colored paper from UV rays, i.e., light. In a matter of months, the shade will bleach out to a gross yellowish grey color. Making sure the shade is protected inside and out is important.</p><p>One suggestion: if you want to save money on your project, why not use $1.00 packets of white tissue paper for the foundation? The tracing paper in the pictures is way too expensive for a tightwad like me. The dollar store also has colored paper, but it's only one color to a packet, and that adds up fast.</p><p>Finally, you might be able to source lamp frames by trash picking. The apartment building where I live has a high turnover, so when I need something like that, I just ask the guy in charge of maintenance. Voila' I soon have all I want, at no cost. </p><p>Thanks for your wonderful instructable. I really appreciate your sharing it with us!</p>
Amazing idea! This might be very first home made craft diy project! Wish me luck! Does anyone know what sort of protective spray I should use in step 9?
Great idea using the trash container as a frame!
The kitty is fascinated
How creative and pretty!<br />

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