Colorful Classic MacPlanters





Introduction: Colorful Classic MacPlanters

What do you do with half a hundred old classic Macs once you've retired from building Macquariums? Here's what I did. I built MacPlanters.

Step 1: Preparation

Getting the Mac ready to be a planter is easier than making it into an aquarium, but still requires some work. In short, all the guts must be removed and the top cut off. I use a Dremel for the cutting.

Step 2: Bits and Pieces

Before painting, I like to mask the Apple logo and product and serial number tags.

The planter needs a clear front to simulate the screen. I used thin clear acrylic sheets, scored and and snapped to size. A couple of heavy objects keep the acrylic curved to fit the bezel while the glue dries. I sometimes leave this step until after painting so I don't have to mask the clear screen also.

Step 3: Paint and Decorate

Most of my old Macs are pretty sad looking, with lots of scuffs and old sticky and sun-fade and such. I kept a few of the best in their original finish and painted the rest. 

There is an amazing variety of spray paints these days and so I experimented with lots of different types. I also used my airbrush and meager schlock-art skills to add some fun to a few of them.

Step 4: Finish It Up!

I print all sorts of color pictures to use in the planters and for the last couple years we've made a tradition replacing all the pictures shortly after the new year with pictures from the past year. I've also done groups to give away with themes as below. Note the custom diskettes I made for them also. 

The interior support can be anything that gives the pot a solid base. I use cut pieces of PVC and waffle from some old light fixtures for mine.

I think they look pretty good. Hope you enjoyed them too!

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    that's pretty neat! I love EVERYTHING Mac and I thought that was pretty awesome! Thanks for the idea! My grandma would love that!

     Good job-- but what did you do with all the rest of the stuff?

    3 replies

    I took the monitors and circuit boards to the county facility for disposing of such things. The rest went in the trash. I've tried to give away the innards of those old Macs in the past and no one wants the stuff.

    Discarded? Thats horrible! Save the parts when doing it, some people like me are so crazy they would buy it and give it a new house (i mean casing). Only don't include the CRT, that screen can kill you.

    If you still have any I'll take them. All of them. If they semi-work.


     I want a Macquarium!----
    This was a good idea cause a lot of us still miss these
    I would love to still have one. In 1998 my college still had them for
    going basic searches in one of it's library and doing email. 

    ive heard there are harmfull chemicals in computer plastics that might be detremental to plants, but then again you would think they would kill fish too but they dont.

     I'd love to comment on this. I love recycling, and I love Apple products. (see my own Apple-recycling project). However, I feel like I'd have to start by addressing LanceMt.s constant, boring, tedious Mac-bashing all over Instructables. It's like a rash. I think my next 'ible will be dedicated to all the Mac-bashers out there. 

    That aside, I have tons of greenery in my apt. I also have a bunch of useful Macs that I don't want to trash, but despite their usefulness, they are over 20 years old and I have other computers (pcs too, mr. Mt.!). 

    From: MacBookPro with Windows 7 and a Dell Mini with OSX.  :P nyah.

    So classic, I think I fell in love!  I remember working on these in H.S with Photoshop!  what a great idea for a planter (honestly, that's all about they are good for) A piece of advice for everyone out there that wants to do this:  find a local computer recycler that doesn't mind you swiping the bodies of old comps, and you have a source!  Go Art!

    I bought most of them on eBay in the late 90s and early 2000s, intending to make Macquariums for fun and profit. That didn't happen, so I had a bunch left over.

    Extremely creative, and even if you think that you have "meager schlock-art skills" I was impressed with the air brush art. Great Job !!

    5 Stars

    Wow that's a lot of dead macs!