Hello guys, this is the second time we(smart prototyping) post an instructable here, thanks for watching! We will keep on post funny instructable.

This is a Christmas tree gift! Install a colorful flashing LED Christmas tree by hand! Colorful lights, Christmas tree shape, Christmas essential. Everyone can get it for free(shipping cost not for free).Perhaps this is the best Christmas gift for kids.

Here is our product page:

Colorful LED Christmas tree automaticlly flashing

Step 1: Design Pcb As Christmas Tree

The border is easy to draw.Schematic is very simple.six leds,two batteries,a three pin male header, a jumper cap for switch.

Step 2: Welding Devices

Welding Devices.This is a special kind of self-flashing RGB LED, very interesting, normally if we want to control a RGB LED light flash, you need to use a LED chip control it, but this one, as long as you give power(3V,AC) to it, it will automatically flash, it's very cool and funny!

Thanks for watching, and Merry Christmas!

<p>Wow... very simple and cool Christmas tree...</p><p>Maybe my daughters like it...</p><p>Nice...</p><p>Merry Christmas</p>
<p>thanks for your comment, you can get it from </p><p>http://smart-prototyping.com/Colorful-LED-Christmas-tree-automaticlly-flashing.html, for free! Cheers!</p>
<p>This is super cool!!! I must tell my boyfriend to make one!! :D</p>
<p>Get it in Smart-prototyping.com,for free.</p>

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