Colorful Tips Nail Art Design




Introduction: Colorful Tips Nail Art Design

Get stylish in an instant and pull off a great fashionable trend with this cool and contemporary nail art. Made in few easy steps and taking just few minutes, this nail art transforms your looks into that of a urban diva. Always stay trendy and hot by trying this exquisite nail art today.

Step 1: Base Color

Base paint all the nails with pink shade.

Step 2: Draw Line

Now with the help of black color and a fine brush, draw a line parallel to the nail base.

Step 3: Make Intricate Pattern

Thereafter, make the intricate pattern as shown and drawing lines with black shade only.

Step 4: Fill Blocks

Now fill in three blocks with yellow paint and three others with blue shade respectively.

Step 5: Draw Dots

Embellish white dots in parallel to the nail base below the line drawn in step 2.

Step 6: Final Look

Repeat steps 2 to 5 for rest of the fingernails.

Your creative and quirky Colorful Tips Nail Art is all ready to flaunt. Make this style your very own in just few minutes and by following the above tutorial steps. So next time when you walk out, do so in a distinctive style of your very own by donning this cool nail art.



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