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Introduction: Colorful Wood Pallet Wall and Sliding Barn Door

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Wanting to decorate our Salient Technologies office, we tore into some free pallets, splashed on some color and hung them up. Hopefully this will help inspire some other creative spaces.

Step 1: Disassemble Pallets

Do not try to pull apart wit ha crowbar and hammer.... unless you are just trying to make a pile of kindeling. They are not made to take apart with the permanent nails.

Use a powered reciprocating saw to cut the nails in half between the boards. They zip apart rather quickly.

Step 2: Paint

I used a watered down chalk paint to cover the outside of each board. This allows the distressed marks to show through. We did not seal until after all the boards were assembled. It makes that step easier. The second picture of clear coat going on was really one of the last steps... but i though i'd mention it in the painting portion.

Step 3: Building Up the Wall

Use liquid nail to adhere to the wall. Many of the nail heads remained after cutting them. We added some nails through the preexisting holes to help hold and look good. We also had to prop some of the boards up to let the liquid nail cure. Use the same width for each row. Try not to let the same colors touch.

Step 4: Building the Door

With two back vertical boards, nail and liquid nail the same width boards all the way up. I included some old roller barn door hardware so the door could slide open and closed.



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    Love it. Now just have to find roller hardware that I can afford.

    2 replies

    i found mine in an old chickencoop

    Thanks. I will be looking around.

    I took inspiration from your work and cladd a wall at the back of my house, I think it looks great. thanks

    1 reply

    Cool! i'd love to see it.. have a picture?

    Really cool! Thinking about doing something like this in my boys room!