Step 4: Stamping and curing

After about an hour the concrete should be firm enough to imprint circles about 1/4-inch deep with the tops of cans.  After about 6 to 12 hours (depending on the weather), place a board or tray on top of the mold, invert each stone onto the board, and carefully remove the saucer.  Cover with plastic for 24 hours, then gently round the edges of the stone with a file.  Cover the tones again in plastic to keep moist for at least five days to cure.  The longer the drying time, the stronger the concrete, so always keep concrete out of direct sun while it's curing.
<p>Smooth concrete can be very very slick when wet. I'm retirement age, and I've learned to step in the mulch or on the grass, anything but slick wet concrete. Get creative with textures, too!</p>
Awesome ! I never knew staining cement was this easy. I will be doing this soon.
Can premixed concrete be used? If there is such a thing? I think there is--
Love the idea.thx4sharing.
How do you do it if you're using premade stepping stones? Do you make a mold around them or just use thick concrete that doesn't run?
If you mix the concrete so it is not too runny, you can just add it to the top of the pre-made stone. You can then shape rounded edges and a smooth surface. When you press the can into the soft cement, it will stop at the pre-made stone, so you have a consistent depth for your circles.
These are so pretty! Love the colors.

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