Several years ago, as I was studying acid-base equilibria with all those nice color-changing pH indicators, I guessed it would be nice to load some empty whisky bottles with liquids of different colors. Result: a pretty simple, nice, small decorating object.

Step 1: Materials

Well, this instructable is very simple. You'll need:

  • Some pigments for preparing coloured solutions (check step 2)
  • A set of nice bottles, I think small bottles look better. I used those from a set of liqueurs.

Step 2: Coloured Solutions

The only recomendation I can give you is that the solutes you use for creating the colors should be stable.

I used these pigments:

  • For the bottle with the green-blue solution: copper acetate
  • For the bottles with red, orange, and pink solutions: some acid base indicators I took from the lab were I worked some years ago (shhh!!!) at different pH values
  • For the bottle with blue solution: copper sulfate
  • There's also one bottle with water :) yeah u can say I'm lazy... that's true... however, being there so much color, I think one colorless bottle suits well

Step 3: Well, That's It!

Simple yet good-looking, don't you think?
If Some Darn Fool takes a drink from one of those bottles you could be in both criminal and civil court. At the verry least take the lables off of them.<br /> <br /> Remember the old Pharmacy Display Bottles? Red Tyndal's Coloidal Gold and Blue Copper Sulphate&nbsp;with Amonia?<br /> <br /> What was in the Golden Yellow bottle?

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